APANA™ Introduces First Automated Water Management for Business

Multi-Sector Commercial and Industrial Solution Delivers Actionable, Real-Time Intelligence; Average 20 Percent Water Savings

Jul 21, 2015, 09:00 ET from APANA

SPOKANE, Wash., July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- APANA™, the leader in automated water management for business, today announced general availability of its cloud-based solution for commercial and industrial companies to save water and money. APANA's integrated software and hardware is the first comprehensive technology platform to give businesses the power to identify and eliminate unnecessary water use and contamination.

Roughly one-fifth of public water supply in the United States goes to the commercial and industrial sector, or 80 billion gallons per day. APANA customers have demonstrated an average 20 percent savings in water use, and average payback on capital expenditure of 18 months. APANA's solution is eligible for up to 50 percent rebates in a growing number of states, including California, Washington and Nevada. Financing options are also available.

"Businesses have ignored their total water footprint largely because they have not had an effective tool to manage it," said Matt Rose, co-founder and CEO of APANA. "Amid growing water scarcity, tighter regulatory mandates and rising investor scrutiny, water management and accounting must now be a core competency of business just as carbon was before it. APANA is excited to be at the heart of the water management revolution and to contribute to a more sustainable water future." 

APANA, with more than two decades of water technology expertise, helps businesses in three primary ways:

  • Analysis - The most advanced prescriptive analytics on the market alerts a business of a waste event in real-time
  • Action - Automated notification system provides real-time guidance to stop both operational and mechanical water waste, leading to enhanced sustainability practices and strengthened compliance
  • Accounting - Integrates water into corporate performance indicators, accounting and reporting

Financial savings from the APANA solution are delivered along multiple points of the deployment timeline: immediately by identifying and resolving mechanical and operational failures; in the medium-term by using greater data transparency to strengthen operational procedures; and in the longer term by creating corporate benefits such as reduced property impact fees, rate negotiation leverage and enhanced brand reputation.

APANA has successfully deployed dozens of its systems in the United States and internationally, saving its customers more than 30,000,000 gallons of water in 2014. APANA's solution is designed to serve a wide range of water-intensive businesses in the industrial and commercial sectors, including supermarket and grocery, resort and hotel, education, carwash, food processing and manufacturing, and commercial building.

About APANA™
APANA™ is a technology and services company that helps businesses manage water. By working with APANA, any business can analyze, manage and account for its inside-the-fence water footprint, and get real-time information to the frontline to save water and money. Industrial and commercial companies of all sizes and all sectors also use APANA intelligence to reduce compliance risk and strengthen operational sustainability. APANA's solution is approved for up to 50% installation rebates in multiple US states. Learn how APANA's decades of water technology expertise can help your business by visiting www.APANA.com