APOTECAchemo™, an Automated Solution for Compounding Hazardous Drugs, Delivers a Consolidated Approach to Safety and Efficiency with Reduced Operating Expense

Mar 07, 2013, 10:04 ET from ApotecaUSA

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- APOTECAchemo™ (Apoteca) presents a consolidated approach to managing patient safety, staff safety, overall efficiency, and cost control in the area of hazardous IV compounding.  With Apoteca, you can achieve the safety and accuracy benefits of automation with a compelling value proposition.  You can see APOTECAchemo in live operation on a daily basis at leading cancer treatment facilities in the United States and five other countries.

Apoteca's accuracy supports the Five Rights for medication administration by using features such as HL-7 interfacing, electronic product identification, volumetric and gravimetric analysis and thorough double-checking with detailed audit trails.  These are all standard on-board features of Apoteca and are used with robotic consistency, accuracy and precision.  You can eliminate the most prevalent sources of human error, document safer best practices, and protect your budget from escalating variable costs.

Closed system transfer devices (CSTD's) have gained momentum recently as a primary method of staff protection.  Technicians state that even the best CSTD solutions are still cumbersome for compounding and often lead to repetitive stress injuries.  In addition, compounding failures can result in the risk of immediate worker exposure and contamination of the work environment.  Our customers have found APOTECAchemo to be an affordable, effective alternative to expensive CSTD's. 

Apoteca isolates the compounding process so that the operator is not in contact with the hazardous products or the compounding area during manipulation.  It also uses exceptional technique, negative air pressure and proprietary airflow strategies to avoid contamination.  These safety features, combined with robotic consistency reduce concerns caused by human error and product failures.  With a fixed investment, the cost per dose for compounding actually decreases as volume increases.  The more doses you prepare with APOTECAchemo, the greater the return on your investment.

In summary, Apoteca provides a rare opportunity to select a single solution for multiple issues, rather than combining several partial solutions.  The integrated Apoteca package includes the advantage of robotic performance, adding a measure of consistency that cannot otherwise be achieved.   Moreover, Apoteca provides these benefits while delivering the most cost effective pathway to safety and efficiency.