App Annie Adds Mobile Advertising Analytics To Its Platform

The leading provider of app store analytics now offers mobile advertising, integrating ad spend, ad revenues and performance metrics in its store analytics dashboard

Nov 04, 2013, 08:00 ET from App Annie

SAN FRANCISCO and BEIJING, Nov. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- App Annie today announced a unique new advertising analytics solution for app marketers, solving a major problem in the mobile advertising space - the challenge of tracking data from multiple ad networks in one place. Advertising Analytics by App Annie provides a platform that can aggregate an app publisher's total advertising spend and revenue from multiple ad networks into one single dashboard. The company has initially made this product available for AdMob, Chartboost, iAd, jumptap, MdotM, Tapit! and Tapjoy, with the long-term goal of allowing any ad network to connect.

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing sectors within the mobile app ecosystem. According to the iAB, mobile ad revenues grew 82.8% between 2011 and 2012. However, the space is still in its adolescence and many app publishers are using as many as 20 advertising networks to either monetize their app or purchase user downloads for it. The end result is that marketers at an app publisher may need to export data from dozens of ad network dashboards and manually collate and analyze that data on a spreadsheet. A simple request by the CEO about the company's ad spend may take days to put together.

"Making sense of the chaos of networks can be difficult at best, and yet developers are forced to make critical decisions based on data coming from five, 10 or even 30 different ad networks," said Omar Hamoui, Partner, Sequoia Capital and founder of AdMob.  "Understanding how much you're making, where it's coming from, or where best to allocate your ad spend requires a single dashboard. Without this you quickly end up in ad hell. It makes perfect sense for App Annie to extend its analytics platform into advertising; not only do publishers get a more holistic view of their products, they get to manage it all in one place. Less running around, more understanding."

App Annie's solution to this analytics problem is unique. Not only does it aggregate your mobile advertising data across multiple networks and countries, but it also ties that data directly to your individual apps and their downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews. It doesn't just track your data, it correlates your ad spend to its ROI and your ad revenues to your app revenues. All without a single line of code or SDK, and all completely for free.

"We have long had the vision of reinventing what it means to offer business intelligence and analytics to the digital content economy," said Bertrand Schmitt, CEO, App Annie. "By creating a platform that can extend to not just other forms of digital content, like our support for eBooks, but other forms of data, like that from ad networks, we begin transforming how app publishers, brand managers and marketers approach their data. With a more holistic platform for all of their data, they can make highly informed and strategic decisions about their apps and businesses."

About Advertising Analytics by App Annie
App developers and marketing professionals will be able to access data for supported ad networks directly from within App Annie Analytics. Just a few of the reasons why this is an important development include:

  • The Unified Mobile Advertising Dashboard: Publishers using multiple advertising networks for user acquisition will benefit by aggregating all of their data into a single dashboard, helping them track the profit and loss of each app they manage. We will also be aggressively adding more ad networks over time to create as comprehensive a list as possible.
  • Connecting Apps and Ads: This is the first BI platform to truly tie advertising data and app store data together to provide a more holistic view of each app's performance. While other platforms focus on campaign data or ignore the importance of app store revenues, App Annie connects ad spend with the downloads, revenues and rankings they are designed to drive, and frames app revenues and ad revenues in a single view.
  • In-depth breakdowns: 22 brand new reports allow users to conduct rapid analysis, with breakdowns of all their data by app, store, ad network, country or campaign. Users can now summarize activity across their entire ad network portfolio, or zoom in on a single ad network or a single app to get in-depth breakdowns.
  • Say "No" To Spreadsheets: Data is automatically collected daily and presented in easy to understand and intuitive dashboards, banishing the daily grind of downloading and compiling multiple spreadsheets from different ad networks.
  • Secure Sharing: Users can also take advantage of App Annie's "App Sharing" functionality to securely share access to app store and advertising data with colleagues and external partners such as advertising agencies on an app-by-app basis; eliminating the need to share sensitive app store and ad network passwords.

About App Annie

App Annie is reinventing business intelligence products for the apps and digital goods economy. App Annie data and products are the industry standard, used by over 90 percent of the Top 100 grossing iOS publishers. More than 300,000 apps rely daily on App Annie Analytics to track their downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews. The company is tracking the most downloads and revenues of any app or eBook store market data company to date, at over 25 billion downloads and more than US $6 billion in app store revenues. App Annie is a privately held global company of more than 120 employees with offices in San Francisco, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Seoul, and Tokyo. Investors include:, Greycroft, IDG Capital Partners, Infinity Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital. For more information, please visit, check out our blog, and follow @AppAnnie on Twitter.

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