Appalachian Service Project And Partner Together To Improve Central Appalachia

Jan 08, 2016, 14:52 ET from

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., Jan. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Here at we are proud to work with Appalachian Service Project to ensure that families receiving help from ASP have comfortable places for everyone to sleep in their new "warmer, safer and drier" homes. ASP and their amazing volunteers repair homes and we provide them with mattresses for the entire family.

ASP prides itself on providing one of the most rewarding construction service opportunities in the nation. They bring thousands of volunteers from all over to rural central Appalachia to repair low-income families' homes. "After a few days of hard work repairing homes with ASP, your hands will grow a little tougher, your arms a little stronger, and your relationship with God a whole lot deeper." This Christian ministry focuses on making homes "warmer, safer and drier" in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, where poverty is more than double the national average. And, for 40 plus years Appalachian Service Project has done exactly that for thousands of families. Yet for all that, they are only able to serve one in five families who apply for help. They need many more volunteers to make a lasting dent in Appalachian poverty.

ASP inspires hope and service and is open to everyone wanting to volunteer, with the following programs: Youth, Year-Round, Tri-Cities, Helping Hands, and College Service Project. If you're not able to volunteer, you can make an online gift, sponsor a center, tributes, become a member of The Carpenter's Club, make a gift of stock, planned giving, or in-kind donations.

Here is a short film showing a very personal glimpse into families living in poverty and the very real difference Appalachia Service Project, its partners, volunteers, and donors have made in their lives. It is, quite simply, amazing!

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