Appboy Launches Campaign Retargeting, Sets Industry Milestone for Mobile

May 15, 2014, 11:33 ET from Appboy

NEW YORK, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In its latest advancement, Appboy is further bringing the power of marketing automation to mobile apps via the launch of its new Campaign Retargeting feature, the first development of its kind for the mobile industry. A tremendously powerful tool, Appboy's clients are free from the handicap of creating one off campaigns, now possessing the ability to retarget on a similar scale to large companies using enterprise software – thus forever changing the game for mobile app marketing.

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Retargeting at Its Finest

What makes Appboy's new feature truly remarkable is that clients can apply retargeting principles down to the individual app user – measuring and leveraging user behavior through granular, highly sophisticated data.

Clients can now retarget based on individual actions that users have or have not taken. Every campaign activity can now be leveraged via mobile, providing a complete picture on how users interact with a brand and its app. For instance, using the 'Retarget Campaign' filter, it's possible to target and send follow up messages to users determined by whether they open a campaign email, click on a link within an email, open a push notification or click on an in-app message. In addition, clients can filter and retarget according to specific combinations of users actions – such as people who only opened a push notification and not an email, people that didn't open both, etc.

Stats are collected on a per user basis, allowing marketers to zoom in on micro trends, as well as understand the larger picture of audience behavior and revenue generation inside and outside of the app. This holistic picture exposes how each user is interacting with specific campaigns, thus creating the potential for in-depth, highly personalized engagement.

Smarter Messaging, Higher Conversions
Smarter messaging directs people toward a concrete goal, and provides measurable, actionable insights. Marketers can craft messages and content that is fine-tuned to the immediate, specific actions that the user has or has not taken. The conversation with each user therefore begins from exactly where they are positioned, creating a depth of personalized messaging never seen before.

"With our Campaign Retargeting feature, we're bringing the power of established marketing automation to mobile," says Bill Magnuson, Co-Founder and CTO of Appboy. "Reengagement is easier than ever before now that clients can respond accordingly to each user's interaction with a campaign. Sending out a standalone push notification or email is no longer the end of the story."

All campaigns that began from March 1st can now implement Retargeting, giving them the crucial advantage against their competitors in an increasingly crowded app marketplace.

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