Apple Rush® Company to Issue Dividends


May 15, 2012, 10:58 ET from Apple Rush Co., Inc

GLENVIEW, Ill., May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Rush® Co., Inc. (Pink Sheets: APRU.PK).  The company is providing a dividend to all the Apple Rush Co., Inc. stockholders and to all the RushNet Inc. (RSHN.PK) stockholders in the form of ownership two newly formed companies to be public and OTC reporting.

Rush Holding Company, in the process of Wyoming incorporation, will own the following trademarks: APPLE RUSH, GINSENG RUSH and HARD RUSH. The new HARD RUSH is a juice and alcohol beverage that is in product development.

The company is making an application for trademark approval.  In addition to a complete ownership in the trademarks, this new Wyoming Company shall be a public entity and will also own all of the Illinois distributorship, Corr Brands, Inc. This company owns and controls basic alcohol permits to import and distribute beer and wine in the State of Illinois. Presently the license to distribute Apple Rush is given to Apple Rush, Inc.  The license will be transferred to Rush Holding Company and Apple Rush, Inc. will continue to sell the brand, Apple Rush, as an exclusive agent in the Americas.

A second Wyoming corporation is also being formed, Capital Rush Inc., and will be a public company. Capital Rush Inc. will be the financial arm to finance the operations of the companies marketing and selling the drinks and products being offered by Rush Holding Company for distribution in Americas.

Capital Rush Inc. will also invest in other quality beverages and healthy foods with vegan, gluten free and kosher varieties

The previous license for Ginseng Rush held by RushNet Inc. will transfer to Apple Rush Co., Inc for distribution along with the Apple Rush Brand.

Robert Corr, President and CEO, adds, "The Apple Rush and RushNet stockholders have requested that we transfer all of the trademarks and licenses into one holding company, which would then be owned by the Apple Rush and RushNet shareholders. Accordingly, the process is underway.  Management's expectation is this combination will confirm to shareholders of both companies that management intends to unite the companies and capitalize on the brand strength and build and protect shareholder value and allow for well capitalized growth.

About Apple Rush® Co., Inc.: Apple Rush Co. formulates, develops and markets a product line of 100% Organic Juice beverages with distributors that sell the product line in several major markets including the United States, Canada, Japan, Puerto Rico, and Israel.

About Corr Brands, Inc. Corr Brands holds a basic Alcohol permit to sell beer and wine, domestic or imported in the state of Illinois. And will develop the Hard Rush alcoholic beverages in America.

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