Applicaster Boosts Prime Time TV Viewer Habits Through Cross Media Applications

How-to master cross media and transform programming being showcased at MIPCube

Mar 22, 2012, 13:52 ET from Applicaster

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Applicaster, a cutting-edge provider of broadcast solutions for authoring, production and delivery of multi-screen experiences, is reporting for the second MIP running on actual usage results from among its population of over 4 million active viewers, showing how the adept integration of cross media into the programming lifecycle is able to impact and leverage changing mobile lifestyles. Utilization of Applicaster's technologies has been shown to increase primetime viewing by 24% from an average of 45 minutes to 56 minutes through the use of companion screens resulting in a respective increased exposure to advertising.

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Applicaster has been empowering world-leading formats, broadcasters, cable and mobile operators for the past 3 years, helping them bring drifting eyeballs back to the prime screen with innovative mobile solutions including real-time experience management, SAAS-based server platforms and flexible mobile applications supporting all business models and even working with limited/no internet connectivity.  

"Over 35% of our TV viewership has downloaded our multi-screen application for use in the 2012 season and one in five of our viewers has become actively involved in the program every week," said Liat Sternthal, Director of New Media, The Voice Israel. "Actual TV viewing increased with broadcast ratings exceeding 40 %, almost 10 points higher than comparable broadcast at the same time slot prior to using cross-media.  We believe this is as a result of our totally integrating new media into our planning of the entire season. We identified each stage of the brand's evolution: Pre-season engagement ramp-up, real-time broadcast synchronized experiences, constant notifications keeping viewers in-tune, unique activities in-between shows, and, no less important, caring for the longevity of the impact by priming the national audience for next season. The direct relationship built with our viewers, the new opportunities we were able to present to our advertisers, and the overall buzz around the program has been amazing."

 Our analytics clearly outline the impact of multi-screen integrated programming:

  • 25% of those viewing the program played the Blind Audition & Duel games, Lip Singing, voted or took a poll
  • 10% of the viewers utilized applications to vote, with peak usage as a result of push notification
  • Substantial increase in advertisers using lead screens, banners, live streaming and VOD overlays and web redirects
  • Viewing of live channel increased 30% as a result of synchronized activities
  • 28% of those viewing the program shared the experience with their friends via social media or email

"Cross media is not about simply broadcasting on all screens," said Jonathan Laor, CEO, Applicaster.  "Most recent studies have shown that 86% of smartphone and tablet users use their mobile device while watching TV. It's a mind-boggling realization. I think that technology providers should not be preaching the 'death of the linear-TV living room experience'. The New TV era is about creating programming which holistically and simultaneously utilizes different screens at different times and locations to create a 'content-craze': excited and highly stimulated consumers that stay involved much longer through an all-day engagement hype. These consumers ultimately deliver greater profitability for a broadcaster."

Applicaster is showcasing its approach to redefining TV broadcast and mastering cross media at MIPcube, MIPFormats and MIPTV.  Join us to learn about bringing drifting eyeballs back to the prime TV screen:

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30.3  18:00 Jonathan Laor, "Mastering cross media:  Boosting ratings, extending primetime, controlling eyeballs"  
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31.3  9:15 Jonathan Laor, "Tech Up Your Format "

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About Applicaster

Applicaster, a cutting-edge provider of broadcast solutions for authoring, production and delivery of multi-screen experiences, has been empowering world-leading formats, broadcasters, cable and mobile operators for the past 3 years.  Applicaster facilitates the transformation of programming into simultaneous screen experiences, changing the play from content-driven new media to experience-driven new media through the building of direct relationships with audiences and the leveraging of new mobile lifestyle habits.    Applicaster delivers innovative mobile solutions that include live and on demand video, rich interactive overlays, 2nd screen, synchronized and social experiences, and mobile apps that function in all connectivity environments, supporting any business model.  Together with its powerful management and analytic tools, Applicaster enables broadcast operations to swiftly, efficiently and profitably rise to the challenges and reap the benefits of TV as it evolves. 

Applicaster's solutions have been adopted by a constantly growing number of leading content owners, format developers, broadcasters, cable companies, and MNOs worldwide.

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