Applied Weather Technology Is Selected by Odfjell Group to Enhance Safety and Efficiency of Its Shipping Fleet; Results in Reduced Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions

AWT Assisted Odfjell's Ship Masters in Averting Severe Storms; Reduced Fuel Consumption by 1,000 Metric Tons in First 90 Days

Jun 08, 2010, 01:00 ET from AWT

ATHENS, Greece, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Posidonia 2010, Stand #450/9 -- Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT), today announced that the Odfjell Group, a leading company in the seaborne transportation and storage of chemicals and other specialty bulk liquids with about 90 ships in its fleet, recently selected AWT's routing services and onboard voyage optimisation system to help Odfjell enhance safety and efficiency, as well as reduce fuel consumption, costs and carbon emissions.


AWT Helps Odfjell Vessels Steer Clear of Dangerous Storms and Reduce Fuel Use

During the first 90 days of implementing AWT's optimum ship routing services onboard approximately 65 tankers, Odfjell has seen a benefit with a number of vessels steering clear of severe storms, potentially preventing significant ship damage and/or crew injury. AWT was able to show time savings of 30 sailing days and a reduction of approximately 1,000 metric tons (MT) of fuel oil in this 90-day period. This equates to fuel savings of $475,000 USD and a reduction in carbon emissions of 3,000 MT.  As the period in question did not involve the entire fleet, savings are expected to increase in the future.

For the shipping industry overall, AWT routes more than 35,000 voyages per year and more ships per month than any other company. The company's staff of weather routing experts recommend the safest, most time-efficient or fuel-efficient routes by analysing key variables including wind, sea and ocean currents as well as vessel type, age, stability, cargo and speed.

"We believe AWT's shore-based service and onboard software will help us protect the crew and cargo, reduce heavy weather damages, provide more accurate vessel scheduling, curb emissions and ultimately reduce fuel costs - a winning proposition for our company, customers and the environment," said Erik Hjortland, Advisor, Ship Performance and Bunker Management.

"We commend Odfjell for its commitment to maximising safety and efficiency while minimising fuel consumption and related carbon emissions," said Skip Vaccarello, president and CEO for AWT. "We are pleased and honored that the company chose to leverage AWT's state-of-the-art technology to help accomplish these goals."

Seeing Is Believing—AWT Helps Odfjell Onshore Managers to Quickly Understand the Rationale Behind AWT's Route Recommendations

Mr. Hjortland added that Odfjell chose AWT over competitors because of the company's responsive customer service and innovative marine voyage optimisation technology. Through extremely close cooperation, it is now possible for Odfjell's onshore managers to view AWT's recommended routes and compare them to Masters' intended routes, while also seeing key data such as the ships' estimated times of arrival, speed, and the latest weather and current conditions expected en route. This access to information, rationale and understanding enables Odfjell's onshore managers to encourage ship Masters to follow the recommendations as appropriate.

About AWT

AWT ( is the leading provider of fleet optimisation services and onboard voyage management software designed to help ship owners, charterers, operators, fleet managers and captains identify the safest, most time-efficient or fuel-efficient routes for their fleets, as well as reduce fuel consumption, costs and carbon emissions. AWT is focused solely on the maritime industry and staffed by world-renowned experts in ship routing, meteorology, IT, and maritime science, as well as former ship captains. Using the most sophisticated technology available, AWT routes more ships per month than any other company. Founded in 1996, AWT is privately held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with worldwide offices located in the UK, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, Germany, New York, and New Jersey. More information is available at or by calling 1-408-731-8600.

About Odfjell Group

The Odfjell Group is a leading participant in the global market of the seaborne transportation and storage of chemicals and other specialty bulk liquids. The Odfjell fleet includes about 90 ships, trading both globally and regionally. The tank terminal division consists of nine fully or partially owned tank terminals and nine associated tank terminals strategically located. The Odfjell Group is headquartered in Bergen, Norway and has more than 20 offices world wide. Odfjell has about 3 700 employees and an annual gross revenue of about USD 1.3 billion.

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