APPr Backs Up What They Believe, Sees Future of Apps as "Everyone Should Have One" and Now We Can

Jul 29, 2015, 07:00 ET from APPr

PLANO, Texas, July 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- APPr, the best and only true cross-platform native app builder, is breaking the barrier of stifling app development costs. APPr enables everyone to have their own app by going FREE. Customers can now build apps of any size with native integrated features such as push messaging, scheduling, email and navigation. Apps can be updated in real time as often as desired at no additional cost.

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APPr, the software development company based out of Plano, TX has been making some big noise recently with their incredibly powerful and easy to use app builder system. Thousands of users have joined the APPr community, proving that people want to make apps and as their saying goes "Custom Apps Made Easy- No Developer Needed" is true. But now there is an even louder bang that is surely going to be heard in the growing app builder business market.

APPr is going FREE. That is correct, anyone can now build any app they want, any size, unlimited push messages and features on both iOS and Android platforms for FREE.

Also to be clear, APPr is real true native apps, not the mini mobile web pages many other companies claim are apps. Apps built on the APPr system will fully integrate into the smart phone's software, not just bring up an HTML 5 website. For instance, add a map page to your app and the phone integrated map navigation fires up; or add a schedule and the scheduler will integrate straight into the smart phone's calendar. All APPr apps work smoothly and completely as an app should, and will even work offline if the internet is down – something HTML5 mini web pages can never do.

Recently, Charles Joyner, Co-Founder of APPr said this: "Our vision has always been one in which we see a future where everyone has their own app. Knowing that people's lives, businesses and organizations change daily or even hourly, we wanted to build a native app system where the apps are current and can be updated as often as wanted or needed. We built that and it works right now. And today it is completely free."

APPr also changed their native pricing model. Charles continues about the change: "We were charging a one-time setup fee of $2,000 and $50 per month for maintenance, but that price is just too high if our goal is for everyone to have their own app. We heard from small businesses and non-profit organizations telling us they really want and need an app, but they just could not afford it. So now we have decided to lower the one-time setup fee to $499.99 and we believe this price point will give just about everyone the ability to build their own native app and submit it to both Google Play and Apple App Stores with just a few clicks - the easiest way to submit an app on the planet. We felt if we are going to make our point that everyone should have an app, we needed to get serious about making that happen."

With well over 500 million smartphones on the market and growing, the need for app development has gone from "only big companies can have one" to "everyone wants one." It just makes sense that someone was going to commoditize app making similar to what Word Press and Wix have done for website building.

For a school teacher who wants to communicate directly to their students and parents, an app would be perfect. But to build an app as powerful as APPr, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Or what if the coach of a soccer team wants to make an app about the team, and include the real-time practice and game schedules and maps to the fields? What about a local hair salon, bakery, restaurant or even a local church or band? Until now it has been simply too expensive, and the time it takes a team of developers to build an app is often months of development. This makes it almost impossible for them to have an app.

It looks like APPr is taking their goal serious and head-on. To see APPr in action for yourself, visit and take what you do mobile.