ARAG Offers Tips to Help a Divorcing Friend with a Special Needs Child

Apr 23, 2013, 11:00 ET from ARAG

DES MOINES, Iowa, April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Divorce causes a lot of stress, all of which is compounded with children. From the blog sponsored by ARAG®, a recent divorcee and mother of a special needs daughter offers tips that helped her – and how you can offer them to your divorcing friend. 



The following suggestions may diffuse the situation and can be helpful to divorcing families with children and special needs children alike.

  1. Explain the Situation. Pictures have always been very effective with my daughter, so showing her a photo of the two us and our house, while explaining we would stay at home was one way I tried to help her understand living arrangements. A photo of daddy and days marked on the calendar communicated visitation times.
  2. Keep Routines. It's important to keep as many routines as possible. For example, I continued to take our daughter to daycare every day, while her dad tried to visit several times a week. Eventually, we set up visitation guidelines, but we eased into them, so it wasn't such a shock to our daughter to not see her dad every day.
  3. Offer to Take On Other Responsibilities. If your friend has new responsibilities/ schedules concerning the child's care due to visitation days, etc. you can help by offering to cover other responsibilities, watch his or her other children, or cover for your friend at work if you work together.
  4. Research Counseling and Support Groups. There are some situations that simply require a little extra guidance and support. Encourage your friend to seek out this kind of support (even online) for parents whose children share the same disorder.

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