ARBOR Solutions Adds FPC-7502 Robust Box PC to CMTL Advanced Tested Memory Services

Dec 23, 2013, 15:00 ET from CMTL

ANAHEIM, Calif., Dec. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- CMTL, (, Computer Memory Test Labs, the industry's leading independent memory compatibility and functionality testing lab announced ARBOR Solutions has added their FPC-7502 Robust Box PC to the CMTL Advanced Testing service for memory bus sub-system and memory module qualifications. The rigorous CMTL Advanced Tested process is a well established method for embedded and industrial platform manufacturers to confirm memory module compatibility and functionality on their products.

CMTL's President, John Deters stated "Advanced Testing on ARBOR products ensures the memory modules are completely compatible and fully functional and operating properly on the exact platforms their customers are using." Deters added "With the stressful 24/7 operational requirements of many of these industrial products, it becomes extremely important for the customer to be totally confident the memory utilized in their application has been put through the additional environmental stress testing, and will continue to stay fully operational.

About CMTL (Computer Memory Testing Labs)
Established in 1996, as an independent test lab to insure memory product compatibility, functionality and reliability on computer platforms and systems. Memory products successfully advanced tested by CMTL on each specific platform or system are listed on CMTL's website and awarded the CMTL Advanced Tested certification seal. Memory products that have not successfully passed the rigorous advanced testing process may experience a higher risk of compatibility problems, sporadic errors, unstable functionality and performance issues.

About ARBOR Solutions  
ARBOR is a leading supplier of intelligent computing platforms, Tablet PCs and technologies for use in healthcare, transportation, industrial automation, mobile computing, digital signage and embedded computing worldwide. 

Combining world leading solutions with progressive design capabilities and responsive manufacturing practices, ARBOR is the ideal partner for developing your next intelligent platform.

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