ARCHEOS Entertainment Signs An Agreement With FrostByte Media

Nov 06, 2012, 09:00 ET from HE-5 Resources, Corp.

NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- HE-5 Resources, Corp. (Other OTC: HRRN.PK) Updates to Shareholders.

XII Tribes Entertainment has signed a distribution agreement with FrostByte Media/Entertainment One for the production of "Angel of Brothels." This will give the production access to markets nationwide.

XII Tribes Entertainment has completed the first trailer of its production "Angel of Brothels". The production is being supported by the U.N. At this time we are waiting for written consent from the United Nations to publically disclose information within the documentary. This approval letter will be released immediately upon receipt. 

The production of "Angel of Brothels" is a docudrama that brings awareness towards human trafficking and the effects that it has on the lives of the women caught in that horrible quandary and their families. 

To view the trailer of "Angel of Brothels" please follow this link:

About FrostByte Media Inc.

FrostByte Media Inc. is a full service media and entertainment company based in Toronto. With worldwide physical and digital distribution via eOne Entertainment, FrostByte is committed to breaking its diverse roster of artists onto the world stage. In addition to traditional music services, the aggressive organization and its international partners can also provide songwriting collaboration, production and engineering, sponsorships and video production, as well as film and television licensing.

About ARCHEOS Entertainment Corp.

ARCHEOS Entertainment is actively involved in several fields of the entertainment industry. The Company has developed an innovative model in the industry that focuses on funding, management, marketing, production and distribution of TV series, films, docudramas, and multimedia.

With offices in New York, Calgary, and Paris as well as seasoned and professional representative teams in London, Singapore and Italy. ARCHEOS is immersed in a vibrant, business and creation-oriented environment where the company has access to technological hubs, dynamic financial pools and very active domestic and foreign institutional and private key partners.

ARCHEOS will build its core business around multidisciplinary, international and cross-generational teams including: entertainment specialists, movies producers and directors, animation designers, TV creators; financial managers and fund raisers; organizational and logistics managers; academics and technologists. Recently ARCHEOS teams were joined by specialists in decision-making processes of granting institutions and governmental bodies.

After successfully testing its business model and related processes ARCHEOS' high management and professionals are committed to become the premier provider of "high financial return" properties and a sought-after company in entertainment industries.

About XII Tribes Entertainment

XII Tribes Entertainment is a Canadian feature film, television and entertainment production company with offices in Calgary, Montreal and Paris.

XII Tribes Entertainment mission supplies commercially driven, high quality projects for domestic and international markets. In support of this objective, XII Tribes Entertainment concentrates its efforts in Financial Stability, Project Ownership and International Productions.

Through its development arm, XII Tribes En is very active in acquiring rights and/or developing many exceptional properties belonging to the long tail of entertainment industry.

The combined expertise of XII Tribes Entertainment principals makes the company uniquely capable of developing, and packaging financially successful motion picture and television projects, especially due to its long‑term relations with US based and international distributors.

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