Archway Publishing's 'Almighty God's Last Testament To All Mankind' Captures Global Audience - Answering Life's Greatest Mysteries

Offering three packets of information that shed light on many of life's greatest mysteries, this powerful book is now reaching people around the globe through a far-reaching and successful marketing campaign

Apr 01, 2014, 16:00 ET from Archway Publishing

NEW YORK, April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- December of 2013 saw 'The Creator' and Archway Publishing release one of the most enlightening books of a generation - 'Almighty God's Last Testament To All Mankind'.

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It's been a hugely-successful first few months for the book, which is now ramping up its reach and appeal through an exciting marketing campaign that includes advertising in the prestigious New York Times.

Book synopsis:

"Almighty God's Last Testament to All Mankind tells those who read this testament containing three packets will read of God's promise to Abraham for the Jews' Salvation Message, as well as give those with open minds to ponder a few of Life's mysteries, such as the end time revelation of Almighty God's two present day witnesses. 

Packet #1 contains a number of letters regarding Almighty God's use of the two witnesses to get his Church back on track. 

Packet #2 contains a number of letters regarding the two witnesses as Almighty God's only way to return to this land of exile. 

Packet #3 reveals Almighty God's humanness to lash out in present day language to those ecclesiastics who have destroyed his Church as well as the final chapter in the world and, lastly, the Genesis of the God/Man."

With the book of vital importance to all of mankind, the new marketing campaign is expected to reach potential readers from all walks of life. This includes those who are active in their faith, as well as those exploring God's power for the first time.

'Almighty God's Last Testament to All Mankind', published by Archway Publishing, is available now.

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