Are Your Hotel Rooms Odor Free or Is Bad Air Simply Masked?

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Jul 29, 2014, 09:00 ET from DynoFRESH LLC

DAVIE, Fla., July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Among the most challenging issues hoteliers face is keeping guest rooms smelling truly fresh and clean. Most products on the market today temporarily treat the air, masking unpleasant smells with air fresheners and deodorizers or using machines that claim to clean the air. Just a few hours after application, the odor returns -- followed quickly by guest complaints and less-than-flattering online reviews.

ChemTron -- manufacturer of proprietary cleaning products, odor removal solutions, HVAC and other engineering products -- created DynoFRESH in response to the hospitality industry's direct request for a "real" solution to odors like moisture-related odor, smoke and pet, food and body odors. DynoFRESH completely neutralizes the odor and prevents further bacteria growth by treating the symptoms rather than masking the problem.

To understand why this is a revolutionary product in odor removal, it's important to understand what actually causes odors. ChemTron founder Howard Cohen explains: "Most solutions today treat the air, but odors circulate in and out of the room. Odor-causing bacteria stick to surfaces and continue to grow. DynoFRESH treats every surface and crevice of a room, neutralizes the odor and leaves soft goods such as draperies, carpeting and bedding smelling fresh, like they just came back from the cleaners."

Cohen offers this analogy: "Using solutions like deodorizing spray is like never taking a shower and continually putting on perfume. DynoFRESH, on the other hand, is like taking a thorough shower with water and soap."

DynoFRESH is designed to be simple to use and time-effective for housekeeping, who need to turn a room quickly. DynoFRESH is an odor encapsulate contained in a do-it-yourself fogging can. It requires no machines or labor. When staff identifies an odor after a guest checks out, they simply set off a can of DynoFRESH and the room is ready for check-in a few hours later. Equally important, the product is safe for HVAC systems and is green too -- it's a non-toxic formula that is safe for people, pets and the environment.

For 25 years, parent company ChemTron has successfully served the Caribbean market, where humidity makes the odor-causing bacteria multiply more rapidly. Looking for a simple, do-it-yourself approach for the U.S. market, the company's chemists applied their research to create this new-to-the-world product. Recently introduced in the U.S., DynoFRESH is now the product of choice in more than 300 hotel properties and is endorsed by major hotels and hotel management companies.

With this odor-eradicating solution available, we asked what new challenges hotels are facing.

"The new problem odor is marijuana, and with legalization, it will only grow. We have gone back to the lab and created a special treatment specifically for THC, cigarette and cigar odors," Howard stated. "The success directly after treatment is exciting, but even more exciting is returning to the room days later -- the staying power of the fresh clean smell is fantastic and the smoke odor does not return."

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