ARES Corporation Leads Charge in Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure with AVERT

Mar 11, 2011, 12:32 ET from ARES Corporation

BURLINGAME, Calif., March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ARES Corporation, the leading provider of intelligent security optimization solutions for nuclear facilities, maritime ports, critical national infrastructure, and homeland defense, today announced the immediate availability of AVERT version 5.2 software.  With increasing security threats, more sophisticated adversaries, and rising security costs, the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and major operators chose AVERT to safeguard critical infrastructure.  With AVERT 5.2, organizations can increase their security system effectiveness with improved detection modeling, visual representation of vulnerabilities and infiltration opportunities, clear risk mitigation strategy, and action plans to neutralize attacks.  


"With AVERT 5.2, we assemble more information and provide the most holistic analysis of your vulnerabilities," said Michael Jackson, President of ARES' Software Solution Division.  "This approach ensures that our analysis identifies all the weaknesses, even if not visible to the naked eye, resulting in significant improvements to overall system effectiveness and improved operational efficiencies required to secure critical infrastructure."

AVERT 5.2 includes:

  • New Viewsheds and Intensity Maps allow visual analysis of detection and firepower probabilities including likely sniper positions, detection vulnerabilities, and infiltration opportunities
  • Shot Traces and Detection Traces show exactly where weapons fire or line-of-sight detections are occurring, individually or in aggregate
  • Improved Detection Modeling through multiple-point agent detection and ability of agents to affect detection with defilade movement
  • Communication Features allow accurate modeling of agent communication and the detection, loss, and reacquisition of adversarial agents
  • High-Fidelity Combat Modeling through agent use of cover and concealment tactics, combat speeds for specific weapons, and path-strategy changes when agents engage in combat
  • Predictive Pathing by guards to realistically intercept adversaries in motion
  • Automatically Select Most Vulnerable Target from hundreds of potential targets
  • Improved Vehicle Modeling now supports mobility, firepower, combined mobility-firepower, and catastrophic vehicle kills modeled with industry-accepted vehicle combat data

ARES Corporation and AVERT software solutions have been appraised at (CMMI®) Capability Maturity Model® Integration Level 3 for software engineering and organizational management from Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (CMSEI).  This accreditation demonstrates our customer commitment to quality, developmental standards, and on-time delivery.

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