Argent Releases Provocative White Paper: 'Does The Cloud Make SCOM Obsolete?'

Jun 23, 2010, 10:32 ET from Argent Software, Inc.

NEW YORK, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- While the exact definition of "The Cloud" is still being debated, one undeniable fact is the Cloud is the future. Two years ago, when 'cloud' was mentioned people thought only of the sky (or Hamlet) – technology revolutions are always sudden and surprising. For some experts, VMware is the main driver of Cloud technology, and VMware introduces a completely different architecture. Argent's new White Paper is a technical description of why server-centric monitoring products, such as Microsoft's SCOM product and Argent's legendary Argent Guardian product, may well have been superseded by the VMware-based Cloud.

Microsoft SCOM or "System Control – Operations Manager" is Microsoft's flagship monitoring product, focused on the comprehensive monitoring of Windows servers; SCOM can monitor Linux and Unix servers by using "Management Packs" from independent third parties. Argent's legendary Argent Guardian product competes with SCOM. This Argent White Paper cogently argues that SCOM is now superseded because SCOM's server-centric architecture fails to handle VMware and, thus, the Cloud. "We believe all customers need the new technology now available in the Argent for VMware product, which manages, automates, and monitors all aspects of the VMware-based Cloud," explained Matthew Chan, Senior Vice President and CTO of Argent. "This is what this white paper is all about," stated Chan. The White Paper is available at no cost by accessing the link of

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A leader in the systems management business since 1991, Argent has over 2,000 customers worldwide, including Walt Disney, Honda, Toyota, IBM, Hewlett and Packard Foundations, Bayer, Nokia, CBS, the Social Security Administration, Wells Fargo, and Harley Davidson.

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