ARISE Detroit! Lends Support To Community Crime Fight Crusade

Jun 04, 2012, 08:00 ET from ARISE Detroit!


DETROIT, June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In the face of spiking crime and a number of high profile homicides, ARISE Detroit! is calling on all Detroiters and all those who care about the city to recommit and redouble their efforts to create a safer and healthier community for all.

The nonprofit coalition of more than 400 community organizations urged Detroiters and all who care about the city to connect with any of the hundreds of churches, block clubs, philanthropic efforts and businesses who have been at work on addressing the city's many challenges for years.

"No one organization, person, preacher or politician can wave a magic wand to transform our community," said Luther Keith, Executive Director of ARISE Detroit! "It takes all of us working collectively, together, bit by bit, day by day.  We already have ample evidence that the community is responding and are encouraged by it. We need to continue to connect, work and come together as a community."

Detroiters can connect with citizen patrol groups like Detroit 300 or the recently launched faith-based Detroit Night Walks, a partnership with churches, community groups and law enforcement authorities.

"There are many churches, block clubs and community groups that have been involved for years in the ongoing effort to create a better community and now we want to apply more energy to this effort in every way we can," Keith said.

One of the best ways to reduce crime is to organize a neighborhood block club to address and look out for the concerns of residents on the block.

"Organized neighborhoods tend to be safer neighborhoods," Keith said. "There are organizations that can assist groups in creating blocks clubs, including Black Family Development and the Ravendale Community Center."

Other anti-crime efforts endorsed by ARISE Detroit:

  1. Getting the guns off the street. Create more gun buy-back programs, underwritten by corporate and foundation support.
  2. Raising the volume on anti-crime PSA/media campaigns.
  3. Increasing conflict resolution programs in the schools.
  4. Busting dope houses and tearing down abounded houses that are breeding grounds for crime.
  5. Increasing recreational opportunities and youth development programs. 
  6. Stepping up enforcement of youth curfews and anti-loitering ordinances.
  7. Providing summer youth employment programs.
  8. Stop supporting the culture of violence that is fed by many movies, television programs and video games.
  9. Emphasizing personal responsibility for all.

ARISE Detroit!, with the assistance of its community partners, can connect potential volunteers to hundreds of opportunities to make a difference, in conjunction with efforts like the I'm A Believer Campaign and the United Way for Southeastern Michigan. In addition to anti-crime efforts, ARISE Detroit! can connect volunteers to numerous mentoring, tutoring, literacy and other quality of life improvement programs.

"We know more people in Detroit are doing the right thing, not the wrong thing," Keith said. "We want to encourage more people to be part of the solution and create a brighter future for our children."

On Saturday, Aug. 4, ARISE Detroit! will sponsor the sixth annual ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day, a unique citywide event involving thousands of Detroiters with more than 100 community service projects – ranging from cleaning up neighborhoods to building houses – in neighborhoods all over Detroit.  Churches blocks clubs, community groups and businesses will also host health fairs, youth concerts, back to school events and more.

Groups can register to participate at, or phone 313-921-1955.

Funded by the Kresge Foundation, ARISE Detroit! promotes volunteerism, community activism and positive media images to create a better Detroit.