Arista Power Announces the First Installation of a WindTamer Wind Turbine in Europe

Aug 02, 2011, 10:50 ET from Arista Power, Inc.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Arista Power, Inc. ("Arista Power" or the "Company") (OTCBB: ASPW), a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of custom-designed power management systems, renewable energy storage systems, WindTamer wind turbines, and a supplier of solar energy systems, announced today the first installation of a WindTamer wind turbine in Europe. The turbine was installed by UAB WindTamer Europe ("UAB WindTamer" or the "Distributor"), which in April, 2011 obtained the exclusive distribution rights for WindTamer turbines and other Arista Power products in Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden and The Netherlands.

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The 8.0GT WindTamer turbine, which is the largest of the current WindTamer turbines, was installed in Kunkiai, Lithuania, a residential community approximately 25km north of Klaipeda.  Klaipeda, located on the edge of the Baltic Sea, is Lithuania's seaport city and is also the location of the headquarters of UAB WindTamer.

Glenn Steed, Arista Power's Installation Coordinator, spent 7 days in Lithuania overseeing the installation and training UAB WindTamer personnel to build and install WindTamer turbines.

"The turbine is located about 1 mile from the Baltic Sea," said Steed, "so the wind resources are quite good. Our shrouded WindTamer turbine has received a great deal of attention from the local residents, as it looks so different from any other turbine they have seen. Additionally, a neighbor had recently taken down an open blade turbine because it was making too much noise, so the fact that WindTamer operates virtually silently is a major attribute to this community. We've had a number of other residents asking about purchasing turbines and we've also had a number of interested parties from other European countries asking about distribution opportunities."

Mindaugas Mazonas, Director of Sales of UAB WindTamer Europe, said that, "WindTamer Europe is very excited to have this first installation completed. We look forward to using this as a great example of the Arista Power sustainable energy solutions we plan to bring to the rest of our territory. One of our first priorities will be to utilize Arista Power energy generation and storage products and technologies to implement an off-grid, battery-tied package to suit our customers who are challenged with grid availability and reliability."

William A. Schmitz, Chief Executive Officer of Arista Power, said that, "This is another milestone for Arista Power. It's great to have a partner like UAB WindTamer Europe and we are very pleased to see them moving forward so quickly. We see an extraordinarily opportunity and a very large market in Europe for our products, especially our micro-grid applications utilizing wind and solar energy generation, storage and AC/DC power distribution, which directly address the issues of grid availability and reliability referred to by Mr. Mazonas."

About Arista Power, Inc.

Arista Power, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of custom-designed power management systems, renewable energy storage systems, WindTamer wind turbines, and a supplier of solar energy systems.  Arista Power's patent-pending Power on Demand system utilizes inputs from multiple energy sources including wind, solar, fuel cells, and the grid, in conjunction with a custom-designed battery storage system and a proprietary smart monitoring technology that releases energy at optimal times to reduce peak power demand, thereby lowering electricity costs for large energy users who deal with peak usage pricing.  Arista Power also sells a Mobile Renewable Power Station that generates wind and solar energy that is stored in an onboard storage device for military and other applications, and a stationary, scalable Renewable Power Station that can be drop-shipped to off-grid locations to be used as a "micro-grid."  Arista Power's diffuser-augmented WindTamer wind turbine utilizes a patented technology for the production of electrical power.  For more information on Arista Power, go to  

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