Aristotle Recognizes 'Rising Stars' in Politics

Jun 25, 2010, 09:15 ET from Aristotle

Industry Technology Leader Aristotle Joins Campaigns and Elections Magazine Honoring Up and Coming Campaign Talent

WASHINGTON, June 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Campaigns & Elections' Politics Magazine announced its 2010 Rising Stars winners presented by Aristotle at the Art of Politics Conference in Washington, D.C. last week.  Aristotle, a non-partisan company dedicated to delivering the very best in political technology, boasts a number of rising star alumni and has been a sponsor of this prestigious awards ceremony for several years. Dean Phillips, President of Aristotle presented this year's awards.

"We're thrilled to sponsor this dynamic award program which recognizes exceptional, young talent in the political arena," said Phillips.  "These winners go on to do great things.  Former 'Stars' include David Axelrod, Laura Ingraham, Rahm Emanuel, Alex Castellanos, James Carville, Ed Gillespie, Jim Pinkerton, Ralph Reed, George Stephanopoulos, Donna Brazile and Igor Kyrylenko."

Kyrylenko is now Aristotle's Vice President of International Operations.  "Igor directs our overseas technology team, and won the award in 2005 for his work in the 2004 Ukrainian 'Orange Revolution' campaign.  The winners of the 'Rising Star' award constitute some of the best new talent in the political arena and we are proud to support it," noted Phillips.

Campaigns & Elections Rising Stars are political operatives under the age of 35 who have already made a significant mark in political consulting, campaigning or advocacy. The 2010 award winners include 15 Democrats, 15 Republicans and 11 nonpartisan or international leaders chosen from a pool of hundreds of nominees.

"The 2010 class of Rising Stars is a diverse group of political operatives and strategists with representatives from every discipline and from across the entire political spectrum," said James Klatell, managing editor of Politics. "These 41 men and women are helping campaigns around the world succeed in rapidly changing environments." The 2010 Rising Stars, presented by Aristotle include:




"Aristotle is a pioneer in data mining technology and home to national and international talent," said Phillips. "Our 'alumni,' like our customers, can be found in campaigns and governments around the globe. This year Aristotle is involved in elections in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, a national election in Trinidad, a presidential race in Senegal, and thousands of local and national races across the United States. With our dynamic, talented workforce from around the globe, we are delivering high-quality services to political efforts worldwide,  from Canada to Afghanistan.  We are especially proud to witness international rising stars recognized in this year's awards program," he said.

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