Arizona Technology Council and Mountain States Employers Council Release First Annual Arizona Technology Wage and Salary Survey

Findings reveal wage and healthcare premium differences and more, giving employers a resource to compare how their total compensation program measures up

Aug 07, 2012, 11:15 ET from Arizona Technology Council

PHOENIX, Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- What kind of pay increases can employees expect this year in Arizona's science and engineering fields? Is it true large organizations tend to pay more? What is the average organization contribution for health care coverage? These answers and more can be found in the results of the first annual comprehensive wage and benefits survey of the technology community for Arizona businesses conducted by Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) in partnership with the Arizona Technology Council.


The survey comes as a result of input from the Arizona Technology Council's annual Member Listening Survey and is a natural follow up to the results of Arizona's Technology Workforce: Issues, Opportunities and Competitive Pressures study provided to Arizona Technology Council members in December, 2011.

"This survey was designed by the Council for technology companies and fills the need for collecting highly specific wage information needed by Arizona businesses to make good decisions," said Steven Zylstra, president, CEO, Arizona Technology Council. "Knowing where your wage and salary practices stand is critical to attracting and retaining key talent."

With over 70 jobs to report, employers have a new resource to compare how their compensation program measures up. A few key findings based on the respondents of the wage and benefits survey indicates that:

  • Manufacturing companies, on average, tend to pay more than non-manufacturing companies
  • Employers with over 100 employees tend to pay higher
  • The technology industry has remarkably lower turnover numbers for 2011: Technology 14% vs. All industry 29%
  • Overall average projected pay increases for 2012: Technology industry 3.1% vs. All industry 2.1%
  • The percent of employer premiums paid on health insurance (single coverage) in the Technology industry is 73% premium paid by employer versus All industry 80% premium paid
  • 85% of all reported employees in the technology industry are eligible for bonuses

A full copy of the results can be obtained by emailing Please include your name, organization, email and physical address, preference of PDF or hard copy and whether or not you are an Arizona Technology Council member. Surveys will be mailed out with an invoice for payment based on the pricing as follows:

  • Tech Council Member – Survey Participant $199
  • Tech Council Member – Non- Survey Participant $299
  • Non Member – Non- Survey Participant $499

"This survey provides an opportunity for Arizona technology businesses to dig a bit deeper while reviewing their current pay and benefits practices and benchmark them with their industry in their local community," said Karen Stafford, MHRM, SPHR, Arizona vice president of Membership Development, Arizona Regional Office, Mountain States Employers Council. "Working together will help everyone create new solutions that produce a more sophisticated workforce and drive economic growth to ensure Arizona is recognized as a technology leader on a national stage."

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