Art Expands into Mobile Games with Top 50 Charting App AMU by Joe Doucet in Partnership with Sirqul

Expanding into the Mobile Medium, Joe Doucet Studio Launches AMU Developed on the Sirqul Mobile EaaS (Engagement as a Service) Platform

Sep 26, 2013, 16:08 ET from Sirqul, Inc.

LONDON and NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Design pioneer Joe Doucet and Sirqul have partnered to launch AMU. An entertaining test of agility, coordination and spatial awareness – AMU is the app you play standing up with plenty of room around you!

Since launch, players have scored over 713,242,794 points and played 84,678 levels in total. Taking advantage of the game's video recording and sharing features, AMU gamers have captured over 3,569 videos sharing their personal and entertaining reactions.

AMU is a virtual game of catch, forcing players to physically move around in order to place the white ball within an empty circle. "The AMU experience lends itself to hilarious moments as we frantically move about," said Robert Frederick, founder and CTO Sirqul. "Activating the front-facing camera so players could record themselves playing AMU and share videos created the viral impact of AMU lending itself to reach the top 50 charts within Puzzle and Simulation."

Download AMU Free or AMU Paid for $.99:

Sirqul's platform enabled art and movement to take place on yet another medium – mobile. AMU leveraged nine out of the forty-four service components on the Sirqul Mobile EaaS (Engagement as a Service) platform including local and global leaderboards, social hooks to share hilarious videos, streamlined user sign-in with authentication, and analytics that provides detailed usage stats and demographics on audience.

AMU is the world's first mobile game that not only takes place on your screen, but also takes place in the world around you. Created by Joe Doucet Studio, AMU brings design to mobile.

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