Article One Partners Forms Strategic Partnership to Support Peer To Patent Re-launch

Collaboration Unites Public and Private Sector in Global Public Review of Patents; AOP Grant Provides Funding & Community Compensation/Rewards

Oct 19, 2010, 09:09 ET from Article One Partners, LLC

NEW YORK, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Article One Partners, the world's largest patent research community, today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership to support the re-launch of the Peer To Patent® third party prior art program. Article One Partners (AOP) is providing direct financial support with a grant of $20,000. Article One also provides monetary compensation to the Peer To Patent (PTP) community using AOP's Profit Sharing program. If PTP members notify Article One about their work, they become eligible for AOP profit sharing. Through this continued support, AOP rewards active participants assisting in Peer To Patent's public review of U.S. patent applications.

After two successful yearlong pilots, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in conjunction with New York Law School, have re-launched Peer To Patent. Peer To Patent has proven the success of its model in streamlining the patent examination process. PTP opens patent applications for public, peer review by scientific, business and technical experts. Peer To Patent engages the public to directly influence decision making by the federal government regarding patent applications. Article One Partners, a private company similarly focused on increasing the quality of patents, has built a community reaching more than one million member Researchers around the world to research the validity of granted patents.

"We're thrilled to have Article One Partners supporting our efforts with both funding, and collaborative efforts to unite a single, global community of patent reviewers," said Peer To Patent's Mark Webbink, visiting professor and executive director of the Center for Patent Innovations at New York Law School. "Article One and Peer To Patent have opened the patent process to input from the public. For Peer To Patent, we're providing crucial information that helps the USPTO make decisions on patentability. In the same way, Article One has found success helping its clients to settle patent and IP disputes through better research and access to patent validity evidence."  

Article One Partners is a global community of researchers who find key evidence that increases patent quality and resolves litigation. AOP adds a crucial level of review to the U.S. Patent System that can strengthen the quality of legitimate patents, and reduce unjust patent monopolies. This global network of researchers is rewarded for uncovering premier evidence. The evidence is then used to settle patent litigations, analyze industry patents and strengthen their patent portfolios. Article One clients include 11 of the top 15 U.S. high tech companies, and 19 of the Fortune Global 500. AOP clients come from industries ranging from telecommunications, automotive, biomedical and pharmaceutical, to consumer electronics companies and premier international law firms.

"Article One Partners is glad to support Peer To Patent its open engagement of peer review for the U.S. Patent Office," said Cheryl Milone, founder and CEO of Article One Partners. "The Patent Office produces high quality work for the benefit of business, innovation and technology. Extending Article One's Profit Sharing for Peer To Patent contributions is our way of applauding and rewarding members of the public who are assisting government by providing access to the highest quality prior art."

Article One Extends Profit Sharing for Peer To Patent

Article One Partners is built upon a compensation model rewarding its community of Researchers for the value of their contributions. Researchers are compensated for their work on research projects through individual Patent Study rewards of between $5,000 to $15,000, as well as profit sharing of about 5% of AOP's net annual profits.

Article One supports the important work of Peer To Patent by offering PTP members profit sharing points from AOP for their work submitted to Peer To Patent. This profit sharing compensation goes directly to the individuals as compensation. In this way, AOP recognizes their efforts on behalf of the public and the patent system. AOP Profit Sharing rewards can also be deferred and granted to Peer To Patent to support the continued operation of the pilot. In this way, the public can direct further money to PTP.

Peer To Patent members simply notify Article One when their prior art submissions to Peer To Patent are forwarded to the Patent Office, and AOP will award profit sharing points. Each year, about 5% of the net annual profits of Article One are distributed to its community. Working with Peer To Patent generates one of the highest Profit Sharing point awards at Article One. We believe in the work of Peer To Patent and formally endorse it through grants as well as profit sharing. Click here to get started

Subscribe Now:  AOP and PTP Launch Global Patent Quality Newsletter

As another aspect of this strategic partnership, Article One Partners and Peer To Patent are launching an informational newsletter that will be published quarterly. The new "Global Patent Quality Newsletter" newsletter will provide tools, information and tips for the international community of prior art researchers. Article One and Peer To Patent will publish the newsletter quarterly, beginning in Q4 2010. To receive the newsletter, sign up as a member of PTP or AOP.

About Article One Partners

Article One Partners, LLC is the only patent validation company to employ an online human search engine community. More than one million people, networked across the globe, uncover previously undisclosed patent quality evidence. Article One's research community represents a unique pool of domain experts. These experts submit new invalidity evidence for the opportunity to earn rewards of $5,000 to $50,000 per research project and also to share in the company's net annual profit. These incentives drive prior art research beyond the reach of traditional sources. AOP clients sponsor research to resolve patent litigation, strengthen pending patents and support crucial patent quality issues.

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