Inc. Launches Project Sunblock, A Leading Edge Proprietary Software Solution That Automatically Controls and Monitors Web Sites in Real-Time, Preventing Online Ads From Appearing on Non-Compliant or Inappropriate Sites

Breakthrough Web Filtering Software Ensures Online Ads Don't Appear on Sites That Can Damage Brand Image and Corporate Reputation

Oct 20, 2010, 09:45 ET from Inc.

NEW YORK, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Inc., an online advertising technology company, today announced the launch of Project Sunblock, the first real time online ad monitoring solution that focuses on protecting ads from landing on inappropriate web sites that can damage a company's reputation by association.  In addition, Project Sunblock also monitors and documents where ads are actually being placed.  

Project Sunblock's proprietary content filtering engine, functioning in tandem with a client's existing ad server platform, automatically analyzes web content and URL relationships, and conducts contextual, link, image and video analyses to potentially block an ad before it appears on embarrassing web sites.  Partnering with one of the largest and most sophisticated security technology companies in the world, enabling it to compete with industry giants, Project Sunblock provides its clients with access to the world's largest URL database for web filtering.

Companies advertising on the Internet face an increasingly complex ecosystem requiring real-time protection solutions. Of the approximately $60B online marketing dollars spent in 2009, billions have been wasted because ads are landing on inappropriate or mis-targeted sites.  It is a $10B headache for the online ad industry.  Project Sunblock protects ads from appearing on harmful sites, and avoids placement next to articles related to competitors' disasters or conflicting content that can hurt a company's image or brand equity.   Project Sunblock is a crucial component of any company's larger brand reputation management strategy.

"Project Sunblock's first-of-its-kind, breakthrough technology protects enterprises' brands and saves online ad spend dollars that are being wasted on sites that are potentially destructive to a brand," said Jeremy Lightstone, CEO of Inc.  "We have the solution that ensures online ad placement is meaningfully situated in the most appropriate web environment to enhance brands and prevent detrimental brand association.  We prevent placement accidents before they happen."

Project Sunblock is currently being deployed in campaigns for an international energy company, major government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.  Advertisers, networks, publishers and media agencies all benefit from Project Sunblock to ensure their ad dollars are being spent to place their brands in the most favorable web environments.

About Inc. is an online advertising technology company with offices in Manhattan and Toronto, Canada, that develops innovative web solutions and proprietary digital media tools to empower advertisers and publishers.  Project Sunblock was developed by Inc., in response to online advertisers' requirements for software to monitor, manage and mitigate risks to a brand's reputation.  Project Sunblock is a leading brand protection solution for online campaigns, safeguarding ads from inappropriate sites.   Project Sunblock is currently protecting the brands of Fortune 500 companies across the globe.  


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