Arylessence Announces New Rose Fragrance Collection for Consumer Product and Personal Care Marketers

Never-before-created rose fragrances are lighter, fresher, more like real rose

Jun 08, 2010, 19:45 ET from Arylessence, Inc.

ATLANTA, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Arylessence, the innovative fragrance and flavor company, announces a new rose fragrance collection that sets a new standard for consumer product marketers seeking to make powerful connections for beauty and personal care, air care, and household products. The new fragrances are based on inspiring, true-to-the-rose accords and combine surprising fruit, spice and sweet notes to create original perfumes that consumers have never experienced before.

"These new rose fragrances aren't your grandmother's rose," says Arylessence Chief Perfumer Bruce Garlick. "They are lighter, fresher, cleaner, more moist, more real, and beautifully capture that dewy, soft petal impression that we experience in nature. Different from traditional, cloying rose scents, they will transform the way consumers think about rose fragrances."

New Arylessence rose fragrances combine beautifully with other olfactory notes, offering versatility and flexibility for marketers, and allow custom fragrances to be developed for multiple applications.

"Rose fragrances are making a comeback," says Arylessence President Steve Tanner. "This new collection takes classic rose to an entirely new place and creates unique opportunities for marketers to make powerful new brand connections with today's discerning consumers."

Black rose and other new rose fragrances

First of the new fragrances developed by Arylessence is a seductive Black Rose, which uses deep blackberry notes to add depth and dimension. Additional fragrances include an innovative Peppercorn Rose that combines a clean, fresh rose effect with peppery amber notes. Lychee Rose uses the moisture of this ancient Chinese fruit to enhance the dewy nature of rose. A clean, fresh fragrance, Rose Honey, adds a touch of honey and other florals to create the experience of a sun-filled summer garden.

About Arylessence

Arylessence is a leading fragrance and flavor manufacturer known for creative innovation in beauty and cosmetics, personal care, laundry and household products, pharmaceuticals, as well as prepared foods, oral care, lip care, and confections. Leaders in the design of natural and organic fragrances, as well as sustainably-produced scents for today's environmentally sensitive products, Arylessence perfumers, scientists and marketing experts work closely with clients in a multidisciplinary, team-based structure. Arylessence provides marketing resources, a proprietary product development process, and strategic insights to help clients achieve product differentiation, emotional preference, and marketplace success.

SOURCE Arylessence, Inc.