As Banking Complaints Rise By 15% Let Belmont Thornton Manage Your PPI Claims

Mar 08, 2011, 14:55 ET from Belmont Thornton

LONDON, March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The number of banking complaints in the UK has risen by 15% as payment protection insurance claims also jump.

The UK's largest banks are receiving almost 1,700 grievances per day from their customers according to latest figures and it is the amount of PPI claims that is fuelling the surge in complaints.

As lenders are flooded with complaints regarding Reclaiming ppi, let Belmont Thornton manage your claims for you.

Belmont Thornton can help administer and supervise your claim for you if you were Mis-sold ppi.

At NatWest the number of complaints increased sharply over the last six months of 2010 by a whopping 41% and Lloyds banking group also revealed that it received 330,000 complaints over this period, a 14% increase on previous months.

The Ombudsman has said it is the ever-increasing high volume of people who are complaining about payment protection insurance that is driving this increase in complaints and dwarfing other financial products; as over 45,000 grievances refer to PPI insurance compared to just 10,000 moans over accounts.

Belmont Thornton is a London based company who specialise in supporting you get your money back when it comes down to mis-sold payment protection insurance policies.

They have years of experience reclaiming PPI and their No Win, No Fee services, mean they can make a claim on your behalf providing you have taken out a loan in the last ten years and you have been mis-sold payment protection insurance.

The dedicated team of professionals work non-stop to get what is rightfully yours back and there is a simple, quick and easy process online form.

Let Belmont Thornton manage your claim for you; they guarantee to start your claim within 24 hours.

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