As Folks Head Indoors for Holiday Parties, Fire Safety is Invaluable

The exceptional professionals at Fire Protection Group, Inc. provide optimal safety services to Southern California during the region's chilly and jolly season

Nov 11, 2013, 20:08 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- At Fire Protection Group, Inc., Southern Californians can take advantage of a world-class fire safety team. Installations at FPG, Inc. include fire alarms and other essential regulation products, as well as consulting services. Further still, they are willing to inspect fire sprinkler systems and extinguishers at residential domiciles, government offices and private businesses. That's why, as the holiday season quickly approaches, the importance of FPG, Inc. in servicing fire pumps and other products is entirely invaluable.  

While the thought of California often conjures up images of sunny skies and warm beaches in most folks, residents of the great Golden State know fully well that their winter months can be incredibly chilly, with some of the more rugged regions even seeing a substantial share of snow fall. Despite the need for extra layers of clothing and a tougher time getting out of bed in the morning, many Californians wouldn't have it any other way –particularly during the holiday season. Chilly evenings are perfect for gathering around the hearth in the company of loved ones, worlds away from the frigid elements. Yet, when people gather indoors, the risk of fire danger is increased, necessitating the efforts of the first-rate team at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

For home and business owners, effective fire protection systems are not only often a legal obligation, they serve as a responsibility to employees, associates, customers and loved ones. At Fire Protection Group, Inc., customers can find a team that is fully committed to long-term involvement in fire safety matters that include parts, repairs, inspections and emergency preparedness. The turn-key operations at FPG, Inc. serve as the prime option for design, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler and protection systems. From concept to completion and beyond, with every step of the project performed in-house by a fully-qualified staff of designers, engineers, fabricators, project managers and field crews.

The spirit of holiday celebrations is notorious for inspiring inexperienced individuals to take up DIY contracting and building toasty fires in the hopes of spreading holiday cheer. While the sentiment may be appreciated, the need for truly experienced fire safety experts is without question. At FPG, Inc., California residents can take advantage of over 200 years of combined experience from such luminaries in the field as retired Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Al Hernandez, and George Saadian, appointed member of the Los Angeles City Fire Sprinkler Technical Committee.

No matter what holidays you'll be celebrating this season, allow Fire Protection Group, Inc. to make sure your festivities aren't just jolly, but safe, too. For further information about Fire Protection Group, Inc., you can check out the company's web site at or call them at 888-251-3488. Free consultations with top fire professionals are available.

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