As Labor Day Approaches, CAPS Asks Who Rep. McCarthy Represents: Wall Street One Percenters Or Bakersfield Workers Who Still Can't Find Jobs?

Aug 29, 2013, 14:54 ET from Californians for Population Stabilization

McCarthy Acquiescing To Wall Street Wishes For More Cheap Foreign Labor, Despite 40 Years Of Wage Declines For American Workers         

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., Aug. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Congressman McCarthy said it.  He wants to bring in more foreign workers via a guest worker program to take American jobs, despite 20 million Americans unable to find work.  He said he'd consider legalizing 11 million illegal aliens making it easier for them to take jobs and lower wages too, despite wages for American workers declining for the last forty years.  And he's willing to do that despite tens of thousands in his own district unable to find full time jobs.  But that's exactly what the big corporate interests on Wall Street run by America's lavishly wealthy one percent want.    

"Who does Representative McCarthy represent, the wealthy Wall Street one percenters or the American workers in Bakersfield who still can't find jobs?" asked Joe Guzzardi, Californians for Population Stabilization Media Director.  "It's a question Congressman McCarthy and the Republican Party need to address or the party will be over."

The immigration issue has befuddled Republicans as of late.  Republicans who represent Wall Street want more cheap labor regardless of the impact on the American worker.  Other Republicans realize that bringing in more low skilled foreign workers who will depend on entitlements will simply mean more Democratic voters.  Some Republicans still believe that amnesty will get them more Hispanic votes despite research to the contrary. 

"Republicans are in no man's land on the immigration issue.  They're representing wealthy Wall Street one percenters and foreign workers. But they're not representing the American workers who elected them," commented Guzzardi.  "They need to become the party of the American worker, all American workers:  Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, Whites.  Maybe then, they can get the Republican Party working again." 

CAPS asks the question of the Republican Party and Representative McCarthy as Labor Day approaches and open border immigration groups plan Labor Day demonstrations in front of Representative McCarthy's office, demanding he admit more foreign labor.

Guzzardi commented, "Labor Day is a day to celebrate the American worker, not the idea of bringing in more foreign workers to take American jobs.  This shows a lack of respect for American workers." 

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SOURCE Californians for Population Stabilization