As Summer Winds Down, Fremont Insurance Provides Seasonal Dwelling Closing Advice

Sep 16, 2013, 09:16 ET from Fremont Insurance

FREMONT, Mich., Sept. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fremont Insurance is committed to helping homeowners protect their homes.  As part of that commitment, the Company regularly shares tips and recommendations with its customers to help them avoid a wide range of potentially devastating losses.  The Company's Seasonal Dwellings Closing Checklist provides policy holders even more protection by helping homeowners properly prepare their seasonal dwelling for the winter months.

"Fremont Insurance works closely with our agents and their customers to help them understand and reduce the risk of losses whenever possible," said Kurt Dettmer, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Fremont Insurance.   "By taking the time to complete these few simple tasks, a seasonal home owner can avoid costly damage that can result from improperly preparing their home for the harsh winter months ahead."

The Fremont Insurance Winterization Checklist includes the following recommendations:

  • Turn off the water at its supply point – at the street level where possible or at entry to dwelling or turn off electricity to well if applicable
  • Maintain heat when not fully winterizing – at least 58 degrees to prevent furnace flue buildup – and turn off heat if fully winterized
  • Remove perishable foods
  • Drain water lines and traps – especially water supply lines. After draining, leave the valves open so the remaining water can evaporate
  • Add antifreeze to hot water heating systems, toilets, washing machines and sink traps
  • Designate a neighbor, friend or relative to visit and tour the dwelling at least weekly
  • Ensure gas tanks are scheduled for automatic fill and are accessible during periods of snowfall
  • Clear roof of snow periodically after storms to reduce the possibility of ice backup or collapse
  • Visit the dwelling personally during or after periods of extreme cold or suspected power outage
  • Install motion sensors to your exterior lights
  • If you are unable to complete this checklist on your own, hire a professional contractor to winterize for you

"At Fremont Insurance, we stand ready to assist you if a property loss should occur, but there are some things that simply can't be replaced, including family heirlooms and photographs," added Dettmer.  "By following these simple recommendations a homeowner can significantly reduce their risk of suffering a major loss." 

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