As "Super Lice" Outbreaks Reach Epidemic Scale, New Safeguards Emerge to Protect Kids

Innovative Vamousse™ Shampoo and Treatment Break Lice Lifecycle Giving Families Protection and Peace-of-Mind

May 19, 2014, 11:17 ET from TyraTech, Inc.

MORRISVILLE, N.C., May 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- It's a parent's nightmare that is all too common among those with school-age children. The notice comes home from the school nurse about an outbreak of head lice, and your child is at risk.  Head lice are increasingly becoming resistant to traditional synthetic pesticide-based treatments and rapidly becoming an epidemic in many parts of the United States. Second only to the common cold, head lice infestation remains the most frequent health issue facing children ages 3 to 11.  No child is immune to head lice and many parents are turning to expensive, pesticide-based or prescription options. 

There is, however, good news from the life sciences industry.  Breakthroughs in R&D have led to pesticide-free, homeopathic consumer products that can eradicate and prevent lice infestation, even among the pesticide-resistant super lice.  TyraTech, Inc., a life sciences company focusing on nature-derived insect and parasite control products, is helping parents protect their families against the unpleasant possibility of today's head lice strains by making its non-toxic Vamousse™ Lice Prevention shampoo and Vamousse™ Lice Treatment mousse available today to consumers nationwide through Both products will be available in the coming weeks on the™ web store.

Vamousse™ Lice Prevention shampoo is a pesticide-free, homeopathic product that prevents lice infestation by breaking the lice life cycle, killing lice before they can lay eggs. Daily use for at least two weeks provides effective protection for the entire family when there is a head lice outbreak at school, or if head lice is a concern when going to summer camp or a sleepover. Leaving hair smelling fresh and clean, Vamousse™ shampoo can be safely used as often as needed by all family members ages 2 and up. Vamousse™ Lice Treatment, which is also available in Walmart, is a natural, pesticide-free product that immediately eradicates active infestations, including previously resistant strains, by killing 100% of head lice and eggs within 15 minutes of application.

"Vamousse™ is the first line of defense to win the war against head lice," said Bruno Jactel, Chief Executive Officer of TyraTech.  "This next generation of products harness safe natural materials in the immediate eradication and prevention of head lice and will help parents stop feeling powerless against this major epidemic today."   

Vamousse™ Lice Prevention shampoo comes in an 8 fluid ounce (236mL) bottle.  Vamousse™ Lice Treatment comes in a 6 fluid ounce (177mL) canister accompanied by a professional steel comb. Both are competitively priced with other lice treatments products.  For further product information, visit

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Established in 2004, TyraTech, Inc. (AIM: TYR and TYRU) is a life sciences company focusing on nature-derived insect and parasite control products that are as effective as traditional chemical options while providing a new level of safety for people and the environment.  TyraTech's Nature's Technology® leverages its patented scientific platform to provide a full range of biocides, head lice and insect repellent solutions. For more information, visit

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