ASAlaser 2015: The Year of Stabilization

Dec 16, 2015, 01:00 ET from ASA Srl

VICENZA, Italy, December 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

In 2015 ASAlaser has achieved the following results: it has strengthened its presence on the European market through the opening of new distribution channels for the veterinary and human medicine sectors, has enhanced its training platform both in Italy and abroad, and has developed some sectors allowing them to lead the way in order to ease its therapies access to new markets. 

This year, internationalization has been adopted as a guiding mantra, as confirmed by the active company participation in conferences and trade fairs worldwide, as well as by the structured training program carried out by ASA staff. From Korea to Russia, passing through the USA and Europe, and reaching as far as the Australian shores, the ASAlaser therapies has caught the attention of specialist centers, public and private hospitals as well as professionals, ready to confirm its effectiveness and scientific validity. This latter factor is essential for our company, which has made research its flagship, consistently implementing its investments in this respect, as well as in innovation. Such an effort has allowed ASAlaser to be included among the 410 most "meaningful" Veneto-based companies, according to Innovarea (a project by the Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the Veneto-based Confederation of Italian Industries (Confindustria Veneto), aimed at the identification of companies which have been able to turn the economic crisis shock factor into a growth opportunity by designing new business models, Editor's note). Besides, the fact that research and innovation are the company strengths is corroborated by "Narrare l'innovazione" ("Telling Stories of Innovation") (published by Marsilio), a volume summarizing the most outstanding success stories of 51 companies, including ASAlaser, characterized by "high technology manufacturing and/or knowledge-intensive services".

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Company Guidelines For 2016

The stabilization of results, achieved over the last two years, represents the platform for developing new growth strategies for 2016. «These strategies» the ASAlaser Managing Director Roberto Marchesini says «will aim at the advantages, obtained in over 30 years of experience in this field, provided by our company: innovation, training and research are the cornerstones that enable us, in the medium to long term, to build projects in which we would like to increasingly involve our loyal partners, who share our vision and commit themselves to our modus operandi». The corporate policy is dependent on the combination of several factors, which are all complementary and interdependent. «Our history has taught us that to improve yourself you have to invest not only in methods to enhance and optimize production, in distribution networks, in communication and marketing development, but in human resources too, which are the lifeblood of every company. For this reason, in 2016 too, we expect a further increase of our staff and its involvement in training courses, refresher courses and specialist masters with the aim of improving the professional skills of each member of the staff». Being well aware of the importance of its commitment, our company has been able to develop, over the years, a valuable network of experts and collaborators both in science and commercial sector, carrying out its distributors training and supporting them during therapy promotional events. «Standing side by side with them,» the ASAlaser CEO Zaghetto concludes «we clearly show our willingness to contribute to the spread of the culture of the best way of using laser therapy. Our aim is still that which has been defined over 30 years ago: to become an international benchmark in the highest quality laser therapies implementation. The pathway is traced out and we always walk it with awareness».