ASAlaser for Runners

Apr 14, 2016, 01:00 ET from ASA Srl

VICENZA, Italy, April 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The company which specialises in laser therapies runs alongside runners with muscle and tendinous issues, including long-standing ones. With Hilterapia and MLS® Laser Therapy, getting back on track has never been so fast.

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Over 1 million Italians go running, thereby also experiencing painful muscle and tendinous issues, especially when poorly trained. The imposed stop because of the cold season does not help and resuming sports activities must not be underestimated: both the pro runner and the occasional runner, in fact, can be affected by pathologies such as tendinitis, ankle sprains, problems to the Achilles tendon, but also muscle strain and plantar fasciitis. This is confirmed by Dr. Francesco Atzeni, physiotherapist, CEMES coordinator (The Physiokinesitheraphy Medical Centre of Vicenza) and athlete. «The pathologies which commonly occur - explains Atzeni - when running marathons, half marathons or long distances are back pain, small muscle strains and, especially tendinitis, in particular affecting the Achilles tendon and goose foot, caused by traumas and micro traumas due to excessive use during sport activities». Their implications are particularly serious for pro runners who cannot afford to stop for a long time: paying the price for a missed training session could be more painful than a neglected plantar fasciitis.

One problem, two solutions  

Controlling pain and reducing inflammation in order to allow resuming activities quickly are goals which ASAlaser (a company which has been at the forefront of laser therapy research and solutions for over 30 years) has managed to achieve, offering running enthusiasts two high performing laser therapy solutions: Hilterapia® and MLS®Laser Therapy. Specifically, Hilterapia® allows fighting both the symptom - the pain - and the pathology thanks to the in-depth, fast and controlled transfer of energy. Its analgesic, anti-inflammation  and tension-relieving effects increase functionality from the first application and also allow an improved rehabilitation path. «Treatment with Hilterapia® at an early stage - confirms Atzeni - can shorten recovery time by up to 50% and avoid chronicity in many cases. Moreover, the ASAlaser therapy not only speeds up the repair process, but when also used for two/three sessions after reaching the therapy target, enables a faster sport performance recovery. These sport performances are also recovered by using MLS® which improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles and has proved to be useful, for example, in order to cure tendinitis. This is testified by Nathan Freeburg, a PRC Race Team runner (Portland Running Company) with a chronic problem to an Achilles tendon, which was not resolved by physiotherapy, muscle strengthening activities or acupuncture. What gave him an extra push was a sequence of sessions with MLS® at the Advanced Pain Management Centre of Beaverton. «Quick to use, 10 minutes per treatment, and fast results. After 3 visits the pain which I had lived with for a good while had mainly disappeared. However, after a long run or hard training it would come back although it was milder. There are no simple solutions for lesions, but there are very valuable tools which allow recovery such as MLS®, which is perfect, however, to deal with a problem close to a competition». This is also testified by physiotherapist Massimiliano Sicheri who has in-the-field experience as he has treated runners taking part in highly demanding competitions such as Tor Des Geants, the internationally renowned endurance trail. «MLS® has been very useful to oxygenate quadriceps leg muscles which undergo really intense stress. In order to allow the muscles to relax we treated the lower limbs and especially the feet with the ASAlaser laser therapy, so as to achieve the best recovery in less time». Ready to run?