ASCI Addresses Industry Need for Improved Vendor Documentation Tracking and Reporting Methods

Jun 07, 2010, 11:26 ET from Asset Management Services (AMS)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Asset Management Services (AMS), a subsidiary of Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI), a global leader in supply chain management, has developed DocAdvance; a web-based work management / routing tool that effectively manages client documentation processes.

Vendor Drawing & Data Requirements (VDDR - a collection of supplier provided test reports, material information, inspection records and other data) is imperative to any project's functional work flow.  The information ensures material and equipment supplied by vendors adheres to purchase order or contract specified standards and specifications.  DocAdvance is a significant improvement for companies that still rely on inefficient paper-driven processes for documentation compliance that greatly reduces the ability to search, track or report on the submittal and approval processes.

DocAdvance is password-protected and accessible worldwide via the internet, and is programmed and implemented by ASCI's in-house IT team. The tool tracks submittal, routing, review, and approval of any clients' VDDR and is overseen by an ASCI Material Documentation Coordinator.  

VDDR are loaded into the system and communicated to vendors by PO line.  Documentation is submitted electronically by vendors and routed via DocAdvance for review.  Every action taken by a user is time-and-date-stamped in the system, providing clear visibility and accountability throughout the process.  System controls uphold the integrity of the submitted documentation while ensuring complete revision control. Robust reporting capabilities allowing high-level, overall project status updates, as well as detailed, single PO status updates.

DocAdvance, in conjunction with the ASCI Document Services Team, delivers:

  • 100% accountability on process and personnel performance
  • 100% visibility of VDDR status throughout the process
  • FCO critical, construction, and operations team support
  • Real time, unbiased information necessary to make critical decisions
  • Real time status reporting (including high level, overall project views and detailed, single item snap shots)
  • Electronic information that is backed up; no data loss will occur due to fire, flood, or misplacement
  • Auditable transaction trail on all activities, from initiation to final document management system upload
  • Flow-of-transaction details that allow identification of where material misstatements due to error could occur
  • Error detection and prevention controls, including who performs the controls and the segregation of duties
  • Asset safeguard controls
  • Assurance that materials ordered and received meet specifications (to avoid receipt or installation of incorrect materials)
  • Significantly reduced legal exposure due to absent or incorrect VDDR
  • Dramatically increased regulatory compliance
  • Retention of original design knowledge (VDDR is base data for root cause failure analysis (RCFA))
  • Timely and accurate changes and additions

By implementing DocAdvance,  the mechanism and processes are in place to provide visibility, accountability and effective coordination to ensure timely VDDR submittals, approvals, and close out. Anticipated client results include:

  • Increased capture percentage of needed documentation
  • 100% documentation turn-over to a clients document management system
  • Increased protection of proprietary data
  • Provision of process accuracy and transparency
  • Provision of 24/7 secure access to current data
  • Provision of powerful reporting features
  • Increased process integrity
  • Decreased risk of mishap
  • Improvement of cost-effectiveness of goods and services provided by third-party suppliers
  • Increased culture of safety and supported continual safety efforts 

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