Asian Medical Tourism Market Forecast to 2015

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Asian Medical Tourism Market Forecast to 2015

Medical tourism, also called health tourism or medical travel, is a rapidly growing industry catering to patients who travel across national borders to receive medical treatments. In Asia, medical tourism has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments. Low cost and waiting time of medical treatments as compared to western countries, coupled with quality health services provided in Asian countries make them preferred destination for the medical travelers. With the governments' support and improving medical infrastructure of Asian countries, the medical tourism market of Asia is anticipated to post a CAGR of around 26.5% during 2013 to 2015, says RNCOS in its latest report "Asian Medical Tourism Market Forecast to 2015".

Our research on Asian medical tourism is an outcome of primary and secondary research, and a thorough analysis of its industry trends. According to the report, the Asian medical tourism market comprises India, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Korea. As per our study, we found that among the medical tourism destinations, these six Asian countries are expected to be the most potential destinations in the coming years. Thus, our comprehensive report provides detailed analysis and future forecast for the medical tourism market, and medical tourist arrivals till 2015 in these Asian countries.

Extensive research and analysis also revealed that cost competitiveness is one of the major factors responsible for making Asian countries a preferred destination for medical tourists. The cost of medical treatments in developed countries, particularly in the US and the UK, has been significantly high, which has prompted the patients from these regions to visit cost effective destinations.

It has also been observed that alternative traditional treatments like ayurveda, naturopathy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, meditation and yoga are becoming popular among the medical tourists. Many tourists come to Asian countries to seek the divine peace and healing power provided by these alternative medical therapies.

Our report has also provided a brief overview of the drivers and trends prevailing in the Asian medical tourism industry, such as affordable cosmetic surgeries attracting medical tourists and provision of special tourism packages to lure medical tourists. We have also included the prominent industry players such as Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., Bumrungrad International Hospital, and so on, to provide a balanced research outlook of the industry. The section covers their business overview, and industry activities.

Overall, the report taking into consideration all the aspects of the Asian medical tourism industry, is designed to facilitate our clients towards devising the rightful strategies, and make sound investment decisions.

1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Market Trends
3.1 Affordable Cosmetic Surgeries Attracting Medical Tourists
3.2 Provision of Special Tourism Packages to Lure Medical Tourists
3.3 Growing Wellness Tourism
4. Market Drivers
4.1 Strong Government Support
4.2 Availability of World Class Health Infrastructure
4.3 Low Cost and Waiting Time
5. Asian Medical Tourism Market Forecast till 2015
6. Country-level Analysis
6.1 Thailand
6.1.1 Market Forecast till 2015
6.1.2 Spa Market
6.1.3 Success and Risk Factors
6.2 India
6.2.1 Market Forecast till 2015
6.2.2 Spa Market
6.2.3 Success and Risk Factors
6.3 Singapore
6.3.1 Market Forecast till 2015
6.3.2 Spa Market
6.3.3 Success and Risk Factors
6.4 Korea
6.4.1 Market Forecast till 2015
6.4.2 Spa Market
6.4.3 Success Factors
6.5 Malaysia
6.5.1 Market Forecast till 2015
6.5.2 Spa Market
6.5.3 Success and Risk Factors
6.6 Philippines
6.6.1 Market Forecast till 2015
6.6.2 Spa Market
6.6.3 Success and Risk Factors
7. Market Segmentation
7.1 Cardiac Procedure
7.2 Orthopedic Procedure
7.3 Neurological and Spinal Surgery
7.4 Cosmetic Surgery
7.5 Dental Treatment
7.6 Wellness Tourism
7.6.1 Spa Massage
8. Key Players
8.1 Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.
8.1.1 Business Overview
8.1.2 Industry Activities
8.2 Bumrungrad International Hospital
8.2.1 Business Overview
8.2.2 Industry Activities
8.3 Parkway Pantai Limited
8.3.1 Business Overview
8.3.2 Industry Activities
8.4 Raffles Medical Group
8.4.1 Business Overview
8.4.2 Industry Activities
8.5 St. Luke's Medical Center
8.5.1 Business Overview
8.5.2 Industry Activities

List of Figures:

Figure 5-1: Asia - Medical Tourist Arrivals (Million), 2011-2015
Figure 5-2: Asia - Medical Tourism Market (Billion US$), 2011-2015
Figure 5-3: Asia - Medical Tourism Market by Country (%), 2012 & 2015
Figure 6-1: Thailand - Medical Tourist Arrivals (Million), 2011-2015
Figure 6-2: Thailand - Medical Tourism Market (Billion THB), 2011-2015
Figure 6-3: Thailand - Spa Earnings (Billion THB), 2012-2015
Figure 6-4: India - Medical Tourist Arrivals ('000), 2011-2015
Figure 6-5: India - Medical Tourist Arrivals by Country (%), 2011
Figure 6-6: India - Medical Tourism Market (Billion US$), 2011-2015
Figure 6-7: Singapore - Medical Tourist Arrivals ('000), 2011-2015
Figure 6-8: Singapore - Medical Tourist Arrivals by Country (%), 2011
Figure 6-9: Singapore - Medical Tourism Market (Million S$), 2011-2015
Figure 6-10: Korea - Medical Tourist Arrivals ('000), 2011-2015
Figure 6-11: Korea - Medical Tourist Arrivals by Country (%), 2012
Figure 6-12: Korea - Medical Tourism Market (Billion KRW), 2011-2015
Figure 6-13: Malaysia - Medical Tourist Arrivals ('000), 2011-2015
Figure 6-14: Malaysia - Medical Tourist Arrivals by Country (%), 2011
Figure 6-15: Malaysia - Medical Tourism Market (Million RM), 2011-2015
Figure 6-16: Philippines - Medical Tourist Arrivals ('000), 2011-2015
Figure 6-17: Philippines - Medical Tourist Arrivals by Country (%), 2012
Figure 6-18: Philippines - Medical Tourism Market (Million US$), 2011-2015
Figure 7-1: Asia - Most Preferred Spa Destinations (%)
Figure 7-2: Asia - Main Reasons for Visiting Spas (%)
Figure 7-3: Asia - Favorite Treatments taken by Spa Consumers (%)

List of Tables:

Table 6-1: India - Medical Infrastructure by Medicinal System
Table 7-1: Cost Comparison of Cardiac Procedures (US$)
Table 7-2: Cost Comparison of Orthopedic Procedures (US$)
Table 7-3: Cost Comparison of Cosmetic Procedures (US$)
Table 7-4: Cost Comparison of Dental Treatments (US$)

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