Asia/Pacific Healthcare 2014 Top 10 Predictions: The Journey to Sustainability

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Asia/Pacific Healthcare 2014 Top 10 Predictions: The Journey to Sustainability

This IDC Health Insights top 10 predictions study identifies major trends that will impact the Asia/Pacific healthcare IT landscape in 2014. The study provides an analysis of market dynamics and trends affecting the acquisition, implementation, and use of technology by healthcare providers for the delivery and management of care both within the hospitals, as well as through the care continuum. It also seeks to address key issues, drivers, and challenges that healthcare executives must address as they perform their role, especially around strategic planning, IT investment decision making, and technology project delivery.

"The healthcare industry is at a disruptive stage globally. All countries around the world are facing new challenges around sustainability and accountability of their healthcare systems, at more or less the same time. While legacy systems and prior IT investments may prove to be large obstacles for mature economies, the slow development in emerging markets and the availability of newer technologies may well open up a shortcut for those countries to eventually achieve their own goals on sustainability and accountability," says Sash Mukherjee, research manager, IDC Health Insights, Asia/Pacific. "Healthcare IT executives are becoming increasingly interested in adopting newer technologies. Mobility will be the key technology in the region, with a high adoption rate of smartphones and tablets. Cloud technologies will provide the essential infrastructure required for access of on-demand healthcare data at point-of-care. Analytics and Big Data technologies will provide the real-time views, as well as the deep insights required to create a sustainable system, as it moves from a reactive to a prescriptive phase."

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In This Study

Situation Overview

Future Outlook

Theme # 1: Collaboration

Prediction #1: Regional Disaster Management Initiatives Will Bring in New Collaborative Measures between Public Healthcare and Other Government Agencies

Prediction #2: Healthcare Organizations Will Reevaluate Their Enterprise Mobility Strategies and Select CYOD over BYOD

Prediction #3: As Community Care Becomes Mainstream, Role-Based Access to Mobility Will Define the Form Factors Selected

Theme # 2: Innovation

Prediction #4: Led by Singapore, "Structured Innovation" Will Drive New Business Models in Asia/Pacific Healthcare

Prediction #5: The Healthcare IT Department Will Transform with the Emergence of Newer Technologies

Prediction #6: Innovative X-as-a-Service Models Will Be Seen in Asia/Pacific Healthcare

Theme # 3: Consumerization

Prediction #7: Consumer Centricity Will See the Emergence of New Stakeholders in the Healthcare Industry

Prediction #8: The Internet of Things Will Begin an Active Foray in Regional Healthcare

Prediction #9: Best Practices from Other Industries Will Finally Start Influencing Healthcare IT Expenditure

Prediction #10: The Concept of Accountability Will See Investments in Clinical Analytics in the Region

Essential Guidance

Implications for Healthcare Providers

Implications for Healthcare Providers

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Figure: Healthcare Industry: The Journey to Efficiency

Figure: Mobility Adoption Trends in Asia/Pacific Healthcare, 2014

Figure: Care Delivery: Involving the Community

Figure: Technology Objectives Driving IT Investments in Asia/ Pacific Healthcare, 2014

Figure: Internal Stakeholders in IT Strategy

Figure: Areas of Interest for Cloud Technology Adoption, 2014

Figure: Data Captured and Analyzed in Asia/Pacific Healthcare, 2013

Figure: Areas of Interest for Analytics Adoption, 2014

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