Aspect Imaging's FlowScan™ Continuous Drilling Fluid Measurement Platform introduced at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference 2014

Mar 05, 2014, 09:00 ET from Aspect Imaging

State-of-the-art FlowScan™ imaging technology applied to
 continuous, non-intrusive measurement of drilling fluids
 to increase operational efficiencies in oil well drilling   

FORT WORTH, TX, March 5, 2014 /CNW/ - Aspect Imaging, the world leading developer of compact high-performance MRI systems, is introducing its FlowScan™ Continuous Drilling Fluid Measurement Platform at the 2014 International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)/SPE Annual Drilling Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.  The meeting is the leading technical drilling conference dealing with the oil exploration and production (E&P) sectors and is being held from March 4 - 6, 2014 at the Fort Worth Convention Centre in Fort Worth, Texas.  

The measurement and maintenance of the quality of drilling mud is a key component to the cost-effective drilling of new oil wells. Conventional methods for monitoring and measuring the quality of drilling mud are based on manual processes that are prone to error, measure only small samples and frequently clog. The FlowScan™ platform enables a new measurement paradigm as it is non-obstructive (measures directly through the pipe), is automated, provides continuous measurements, and enables a wide array of fluid measurements including drilling mud rheology, flow rates, and water cut on a single platform.

"We are thrilled to introduce our FlowScan™ platform for continuous, non-intrusive measurement of drilling fluids in this key marketplace", says Uri Rapoport, Aspect Imaging's Founder and CEO. "Our platform is a real paradigm shift in fluid measurement in the oil drilling field because key measurements about the rheology of drilling fluids can now be derived in an automated, non-intrusive manner directly on-line or in-line to the production line and data is provided on-site or remotely on a continuous basis. With FlowScan™, the application of continuous measurement of drilling mud is a practical, affordable possibility for use in the monitoring of oil well drilling."

The FlowScan™ platform is being profiled in the exhibition hall of the Drilling Conference in booth #550 of the Fort Worth Convention Centre. A detailed video of its workflow is also available online at In addition, a working lab-based FlowScan™ system has also just been installed at a drilling mud demonstration site in Houston, Texas and is available for proof-of-principle demonstrations for prospective customers.  Appointments can be arranged through

About Aspect Imaging:

Aspect Imaging ( is the world's leader in the design and development of high-performance compact MR imaging and NMR systems for pre-clinical, clinical and advanced industrial applications. In the clinical market, Aspect Imaging has multiple clinical programs underway including its system to provide highly efficient just-in-place compact MRI for imaging of the wrist. The system allows clinicians to harness the power and insights of MRI but without the cost, complexity and technical burden of traditional MRI systems.  In the pre-clinical research market, the M-series of compact MRI systems, including the M3 and M10 systems enable a wide variety of in vivo applications and research models. Aspect Imaging also supplies its M2™ magnet, gradients and handling systems to Bruker for use in its leading ICON™ compact MRI platform.  Due to its high-performance M2 permanent magnet and suite of related products, the ICON enables academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies to harness the power and insights of MRI but without the cost, complexity and technical burden of traditional MRI systems. Pre-clinically, Aspect Imaging's M2 system is also used for providing 3D MR-based Histology to complement and direct pathology and histology-based analysis, as well as providing the M2 platform to Mediso Medical Systems for use in its nanoScan® integrated PET/MRI and SPECT/MRI systems. Aspect Imaging's novel permanent magnets are also used in advanced industrial applications including rheology where its FlowScan™ platform can operate in-line, on-line or near-line on large-scale production lines for food processing, consumer products, oil and gas, biofuels and other applications providing real-time, non-invasive and quantitative read-outs for process and quality control.

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