Aspiring Nurses Learn Real-World Skills at California Career College

The need for trained nurses is only expected to increase in the coming years, and thanks to California Career College, you can learn the practical skills necessary to enter this growing field.

Mar 19, 2014, 20:06 ET from California Career College

LOS ANGELES, March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthcare is a greater concern than ever in the US, with issues like chronic diabetes and obesity becoming more common and a growing population of seniors. That's why it should come as no surprise that so many aspiring health care professionals are choosing to start their career at California Career College nursing school in Canoga Park. For years, their team of committed and skilled educators has helped California Career College to stand out among vocational nursing schools by providing an innovative training experience that helps students to develop a practical, marketable skill set. Through both their Licensed Vocational Nurse and their IV Therapy Certification programs, California Career College continues to serve as an invaluable resource for aspiring medical professionals and those in need of healthcare alike.

According to ABC News, all but a handful of states are projected to have a major nursing shortage within the next ten years, and as aging populations retire and life expectancy continues to rise, the need is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over the next decade, the job outlook for nurses is expected to grow at a rate that is about 19% faster than the average for expected job growth in the US. Many of these employers are looking to schools like California Career College to provide practical training to prospective healthcare professionals.

Many people who enter the field of nursing do so because they understand the importance of providing expert and empathetic care for others – regardless of compensation. Yet, because of the shortage, the pay for nurses is markedly higher than that of many occupations that require a similar level of education. That means that individuals in the field of nursing are able to make a difference in the lives of others while also effectively supporting their own family and loved ones. For Southern California residents looking to get their start in this growing field through affordable courses that teach real-world skills, there's no better option than California Career College.

About California Career College

Since the school's founding in 2001, California Career College has graduated thousands of successful nursing students. The Vocational Nursing Program at California Career College is committed to preparing high school graduates (or those with equivalent education) to enter the field of nursing, and meet the varied health needs of their community. Problem-solving appraisal of the nursing process, including assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation has been integrated throughout the program at California Career College, making it an invaluable education experience for a variety of aspiring health professionals.

Their dedication to real-world training is reflected in the dedicated faculty at California Career College, which consists of experienced teachers and nurses who provide instruction that is based on the guidelines set by the Vocational Nurse Practice Act as well as clinical training at local healthcare facilities. If you're ready to move your healthcare career forward, call 818-710-1310 to contact California Career College, or contact them online by visiting their site at

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