Asset Management Company to Liquidate Cogeneration Plant in Maryland

Mar 11, 2014, 09:37 ET from Stuart B. Millner & Associates

OWINGS MILLS, Md., March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Stuart B. Millner & Associates (SBMA)—an asset management company—recently signed a contract with Owings Mills Equipment Leasing LLC to liquidate assets from a cogeneration plant located in Owings Mills, MD.

According to a recent report, the cogeneration facility went into service in 2002. The plant provided steam and electricity to a Solo Cup manufacturing facility and sold electric energy to the market. The plant ceased operations in March of 2012.

What Assets are Being Sold?

According to SBMA officials, the most valuable assets include the following:

  • (2) Wartsila 18V34SG Generating Sets - Combined electrical output of 11mw or 5.7 individually. These units are a 4 stroke, spark ignited gas engines working on the lean burn principle. These engines can be used at both 50 or 60 Hz. These Wartsila 18V34SG's are reliable, highly efficient and low pollution power sources.
  • Transformer - Transformer, Main GSU, Oil Filled, 34kV/13.8kV, Cogen Rooftop - Niagara 12000/ 15000 kva step up transformer, serial number 54739, 2001 vintage, operating pressure 7.9 psi pos, 4.2 psi neg, tanks suitable 14.7 psi. approx weight; core and coils = 30,675, tank & fittings = 20125, liquid = 17900, total = 68700.
  • Heat Exchanger, Cooling Radiators, Rooftop
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How the Assets are Being Sold

The cogeneration assets are being offered for bidding in an online timed auction at Bidspotter (a platform for online auctions). The auction event started earlier this week and is scheduled to end on Tuesday, March 18 at 12PM CST.

To schedule an inspection of the assets, contact Bob Findeiss, the VP of Power Plant Decommissioning (a program and division of SBMA) at 636-390-3372 or

SBMA specializes in the deactivation and decommissioning of manufacturing facilities and power plants. The company has clients across North America. To find the company's current online auctions, visit

SOURCE Stuart B. Millner & Associates