Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) Announces Agreement with Applied Computer Education Services, Inc. (ACES) to Offer "Virtual Wound™," - Web-Based Education for Wound Care Medical Specialists

Oct 19, 2011, 04:15 ET from Association for the Advancement of Wound Care

MALVERN, Pa., Oct. 19, 2011  /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) announces the Virtual Wound™ - an exciting and unique online educational opportunity for AAWC members through a partnership with Applied Computer Education Services, Inc. (ACES).  Grounded in best practice and evidence-based medicine, the Virtual Wound™ provides an unparalleled learning experience that is self-paced and interactive. The program blends traditional teaching with advances in technology.  Through an interactive user interface, the program provides a basic wound assessment tool, followed by five learning modules featuring a wounded "avatar" (graphical representation of a wounded human being.) The modules embrace all aspects of adult learning with high-fidelity computer generated scenarios, photographs and real-world case presentations. The learner is able to examine and treat the injury while guided by best practices and simultaneously receiving visual feedback about the interventions and plan of care.  

The availability of the Virtual Wound™ modules helps foster AAWC's goal to spread awareness about advanced, evidence-based wound care.  The Virtual Wound™ is time-efficient, cost-efficient, intuitive and user-friendly.  Directed questions, supplemental resources, and video lessons guide the learner through the pathophysiology, examination and interventions for specific wound etiologies.  The experience mimics that of real world clinical decision-making based upon a case history and avatar presentation.  As the learner interacts, examines and manages the avatar, the wound evolves providing the user with a comprehensive experience for knowledge acquisition.  This allows for "successful failure" – where learners' can make mistakes without harm to real patients.  Wound care medical specialists are encouraged to view the AAWC website to sample the Virtual Wound™ and to join AAWC for full access to the entire set of modules.

ABOUT AAWC - AAWC's mission is to be the leader in interdisciplinary wound healing and tissue preservation. As the largest, not-for-profit, multi-specialty organization in the United States dedicated to the research and clinical application of evidence-based wound care, AAWC offers membership to everyone involved in the healing of wounds, including healthcare professionals, patients, lay-caregivers, clinics/facilities, corporations, students, retirees, and advocates. Patients and their lay-caregivers may join free for life and they will receive information and updates on how AAWC is working to improve the quality of life for the millions who suffer with wounds.

SOURCE Association for the Advancement of Wound Care