Astroglide Advocates an "Unplugged" Day - Put Down Your Electronic Devices to Focus on Your Love

Pay More Attention to Your Significant Other Than Your Phone and See the Sparks Fly - Six Great Tips for Activities that Don't Involve Phones or Tablets

Oct 16, 2013, 13:17 ET from Astroglide

VISTA, Calif., Oct. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Go to any restaurant or bar and you'll see many couples out on dates, not gazing into each other's eyes, instead they are deeply enthralled with their electronic devices. Their attention is lost in the social media universe or their workplace, and it is not where it should be focused. Phones and tablets certainly have their place, and couples can enjoy flirty texts, or sending pictures to each other, but they should not replace actual interaction. The solution is to try an "Unplugged" day.

Eliminate the distractions of a phone or tablet so you can appreciate your partner's beauty/humor/intelligence on a deeper level.  Once you have committed to an electronic-free day, what kind of activities should you do?

  1. A Romantic Breakfast in bed. Good food goes hand-in-hand with romance so this simple act is a great way to start your day. Don't reach for your phone to see if your Twitter follower count is rising, reach for some French toast and mimosas instead.
  2. When you see people texting while on a nature hike, you know they are phone-addicted. Hold hands while taking a slow walk with your partner in the woods or at the beach. Appreciate the wonders of the world instead of through a post.
  3. Go to a bookstore and browse together. Talk about books, movies, or magazines that you enjoy and see where the conversation takes you.
  4. Simply sit down anywhere and have a real conversation, perhaps at a local coffee shop. Really think about the last time you went more than five minutes without at least glancing at your phone or hearing every single email/text/FB message notification buzz. Talking brings people closer.
  5. Have a "staycation" with the router and TV unplugged. Turn your phone and tablet off and put them in a drawer. If you and your partner spend even part of the day at home you can really slow down or dive into a home project together.  Electronic distractions take up a lot of time – you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.
  6. Go to a local street fair or farmer's market. You can chat with local residents and spend time looking for healthy food or the latest time saving gadget. Pay attention to each other, while eliminating the desire to post or surf the web.

How do you slay the electronic beast? We have some tips on resisting the lure of electronic devices for a day:

  1. Consider your mobile device as a giant 1996 phone, not a portable computer. It only makes phone calls, and you can choose to ignore them.
  2. Don't invent an excuse to use the internet. Are you and your special someone arguing while at dinner over which actor played "Danny Noonan" in "Caddyshack"? Let it go. You don't really need to hop on Google to find out.
  3. You do not need to post every moment of your day, especially while you are out. Stopping a conversation with your partner in order to post "Out at Chez Louis for a romantic night out!" can be a real mood killer. Enjoy the moment!

Engaging with your partner instead of your smartphone should be an eye-opening experience. If this revelation sparks some romance, then be sure to bring some Astroglide to what will be an exciting evening. For more great tips on how to pay better attention to your special someone, visit Astroglide's Twitter feed.

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