Astroglide Offers 10 Tips for Singles Who Want to Stand Out in the Real-Life Dating World

Singles are Encouraged to Break out of their Comfort Zones to Attract a Good Date

Feb 05, 2013, 09:00 ET from Astroglide

VISTA, Calif., Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- February is known for many different things, from National Condom Month to of course Valentine's Day. For singles, it can be a challenging month to find the perfect gift or restaurant to take their significant other. Everything about the month seems to reinforce the joys of being a couple and the occasional loneliness that can come from being single.

Instead of focusing on just one day or a single date, smart singles should follow these real-world dating tips to attract the most compatible and fun partner.

Astroglide presents ten fun tips for singles to stand out in the real world without online dating in order to attract someone new:

  1. Put yourself out there, both physically and mentally. It's hard to meet someone while sitting at home, so make sure you are out and about, being social, and engaging in either things that you love or trying out new things. Don't forget to be in the right frame of mind. It shouldn't be about forcing yourself to meet new people, it should be about opening yourself up to the opportunity to meet that special someone.
  2. Initiate conversation. Many people are inherently shy and a simple introduction (leave the cheesy lines at home) is a good icebreaker. And don't stress out about finding the perfect thing to say, "Hi" is probably your best bet.
  3. Embrace your hobbies. Do you love to cook? Sign up for a cooking class and you might just find a date who shares some of your same interests.
  4. Be attentive. Listen to other people when they talk, even if they aren't potential dating partners. Remember small details when talking to interesting people so future conversations will really be memorable.
  5. Ask friends or coworkers if they know of any singles that might be a good match. They are your friends for a reason, you trust them and their judgment, and it's natural that they might just have someone perfect for you among their contacts.
  6. Women shouldn't be afraid of asking men out on dates. Men will typically be flattered by such gestures, and many women feel empowered by actively pursuing a potential date.
  7. If going out on Valentine's Day or any other big date is important to you, then consider asking one or more of your friends. There will be no pressure to make the evening perfect and it'll be about enjoying each other's company.
  8. Body language is key. By simply smiling you make it easier for someone to approach you. You can learn what body language means so you can spot a flirter or cut short a chat with someone who just isn't interested.
  9. Take care of your body and mind. You won't likely be able to attract a suitable date if you don't have confidence in yourself and aren't exercising and eating right. You want to present the best possible "you" in order to find a compatible person.
  10. Get out of your comfort zone and try different things. Walk or bike to work one day a week. Go to a concert or sporting event that you normally would not attend. Trying new things puts you in the right frame of mind to being open to new people, and hopefully new dates.

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