Astrologically, Obama Holds A Slight Edge Over Romney, Says

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In the upcoming 2012 US presidential elections, the Democrat candidate and current president Barack Obama is being challenged by Mitt Romney, the charismatic Republican candidate. Award winning horoscopes portal  which is #1 in India and #3 in the world with 3 million+ monthly visitors provides an astrological analysis of this contest with a view to predict its outcome.

The United States presidential election is an important event in the global context since the policies that USA adopts and the decisions it makes affects the fortunes of countries and its citizens worldwide. Hence the US election is a globally important event and expert astrologers from can effectively use astrology principles to predict the result of this presidential election.

Indian Astrology calculations indicate that the birth horoscopes of both candidates are naturally very strong. Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn and their combinations indicate that Obama has a strong character and has good leadership skills. Saturn gives him the excellent oratory skills where as an exalted moon makes him a popular public figure. Looking at planetary periods(dashas), it can be noted that Obama is under the influence of Saturn-saturn-saturn period which is favourable for him since it is the lord of his ascendant and is currently in Libra its sign of exaltation.

As far as Romney is concerned, a well posited Sun makes him a very strong competitor and an influential politician. Venus's position in the 9th house of his horoscope boosts his luck factor and a moon-jupiter combination provides him the much needed quality of a favourable mass appeal. Romney is currently passing through the sun-mercury-rahu period. While jupiter's transit in the ascendant will be beneficial for him, the weak positions and afflictions to mercury and rahu will have a dampening effect on his campaign and will hamper his chances.

Since both Obama and Romney possess very evenly matched birth horoscopes this has been a see-saw battle till now. Hence, the confusion regarding who is ahead will prevail and this election will be very close, highly eventful and extremely controversial in nature. It must also be noted that the eclipses around the USA presidential elections and a retrograde mercury will have a significant impact on the final outcome.

There will also be a difference between the popular vote and the electoral college which in turn can be a major factor in these elections. Hence from an astrological point of view, the planetary periods and transits are slightly more favourable for Obama than Romney thereby giving him an edge over his challenger. It is very likely that Obama may win the elections by a narrow margin through the electoral college.

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