At ACBL, You'll find a Distinct Reversal of the Harsh Economic Climate for Small Business

New data shows big banks have avoided small business lending for over a decade, but Advantage Capital Business Loans has found great success by catering to promising small business CEOs

Sep 03, 2013, 13:50 ET from Advantage Capital Business Loans

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Common wisdom tells us that since the infamous global economic collapse of 2008, business loans for small and modest-sized companies have been exceptionally difficult to achieve. However, like many aspects of modern economics and finance, the reality is far more complex than it may initially seem. While conditions have been harsh at big banks and traditional lenders for those seeking quick business loans, at Advantage Capital Business Loans, small companies can expect a warm reception and exceptional service from true economic pioneers. With Advantage Capital Business Loans, bad credit or even a lack of credit are not necessarily barriers to receiving necessary funding. By putting the majority of the weight on a business' efficiency and potential in the underwriting process, ACBL's principals ensure they are aiding the promising entrepreneurs and CEOs when they need help the most.

It is no secret that since the great recession, lending to small businesses has failed to pick up substantially, even while most economic indicators show substantial improvement. However, a new study suggests that the woes experienced by small business owners may even predate the recession that shook up markets around the globe. The Washington Post reports that analysts from the Cleveland Federal Reserve recently published a paper indicating that the strain between small firms and traditional lenders began more than a decade ago, when the old economy was still in its heyday. While the new data suggests a grim outlook at traditional lenders, it further illustrates the importance of the forward-thinking finance experts at ACBL.

The report shows that big banks blame declining property values, a drop-off in consumer demand and heightened lending standards in the wake of the recession for the decline in small business lending. While these bankers may think their overly cautious mindset is helping their companies to survive, many analysts rebuke that thinking of this sort is dangerously short-sighted. "Given the contribution that small businesses make to employment and economic activity, policymakers may want to intervene to ensure that small business owners can access the credit they need," write Cleveland Fed's Ann Marie Wiersch and Scott Shane. It seems overly optimistic to expect a dramatic shift in thinking from big banks or federal officials, but small business professionals can take heart knowing they have the support of truly innovative professionals at ACBL.

The team at ACBL has illustrated that offering customized loans that are specifically designed to benefit small and modest-sized businesses can be an exceptionally effective strategy for success. Their loan options come with flexible options and a manageable, affordable payback, the sort of features that any small-business CEO can appreciate. By assigning dedicated account executives, underwriters and funding coordinators that will be there for support at every step of the lending experience, promising entrepreneurs can expect a truly exceptional level of support. To receive a no obligation, custom business loan offer from ACBL, or if you have any questions about small business loans, visit or call 877-379-0202.

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