At the Paniotto Law Firm, Immigrants can Expect Skilled and Empathetic Legal Counsel

Thanks to his background as an immigrant from Russia, Dmitry Paniotto provides invaluable firsthand knowledge when representing his many clients

Oct 29, 2013, 16:52 ET from Paniotto Law Firm

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When in need of an immigration lawyer, Los Angeles residents and immigrants alike have come to trust the Paniotto Law Firm first and foremost – due in large part to the world-class skill and ability of attorney Dmitry Paniotto. Not only is Mr. Paniotto the premier "abogado de inmigracion de Los Angeles," but he is also an immigrant himself, and he understands firsthand the struggles of rising from poverty in the U.S. Having dedicated himself to offering his services as an experienced and effective immigration lawyer/abogado de inmigracion to the people who need help the most, Mr. Paniotto stands as an invaluable resource to many.

While Federal immigration reform continues to be debated and held up by a divisive and unwieldy Congress, most individuals in the middle of deportation proceedings should not expect permanent residency from workers with any immigration attorney. However, at the Paniotto firm, the main task is to grant a work permit and prevent client deportation. In fact, even those with a serious criminal record often find relief when their cases are brought before expert attorneys Nour Chammas and Dmitry Paniotto, who focuses on immigration law.

Mr. Paniotto understands personally the difficulties faced by immigrants to the U.S., having entered the county with a tourist visa from USSR in 1991. He lived in the US as an illegal for almost 5 years, and now that he has achieved exceptional success, he uses his reputation to help others in a similar position to escape poverty, crime and political turmoil in their own countries. Plus, as a fluent speaker of Russian and Spanish, he has the communication skills and empathy necessary to understand and fight for the best interests of a wide variety of immigrants to the U.S.

Though the Paniotto Law Firm largely represents clients in deportation proceedings both in immigration jail in L.A. and throughout the Southwest, they also serve those who are not in detention and attend immigration court hearings scheduled with Los Angeles immigration court. Among the individuals that are represented by the firm are those seeking asylum in the U.S. – including those who entered with a visa and those who illegally crossed the border and got arrested.

Prospective clients to the renowned firm should always keep in mind that the length and complexity of an immigration case may vary wildly; however, at the Paniotto firm, clients can expect the most positive results possible, even after a drawn-out and complex case. If you or a loved one is in need of a first-rate immigration attorney, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Paniotto and his impeccable legal team. Free initial in-person consultations are available in many cases, for further information please call the Paniotto Law Firm at 213-984-4145.

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