Atalasoft Claims Vizit Saves the Average Customer $2.5 Million

Company Has Actual Data to Backup Their Claims

Jun 15, 2010, 15:36 ET from Atalasoft, Inc.

EASTHAMPTON, Mass., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Atalasoft released two new versions of Vizit, its universal viewer for Microsoft SharePoint, claiming users would save an average of over $2.5 million per server. In a startling turn of events, it is reported that the company cited actual sources and used math to arrive at their claim. This is a slap in the face to traditional marketing methods wherein a marketing intern pulls ideas out of thin air, remembers unrelated business class concepts, or cites Reader's Digest from 1986.

"We decided to tell customers the actual value of our product," said Paul Yantus, President of Atalasoft. "I woke up and said, 'Hey. What's the worst that can happen?'" When pressed for more information, Yantus clammed up: "We're waiting to see what happens next."

This shocking news surprised most end-users. "I just can't believe that a company would use actual facts. It's like, what am I supposed to tell my boss now? 'This product will save us over 2.5 million dollars in one year?' He'd rather hear that it's fancy or uses a nice font in the UI," said Rufus Wilbur, Systems Administrator at Cap'n Bob's Barnacles & Beef Jerky.

The products, Vizit Essential and Vizit Pro, are SharePoint applications that enable users to view documents directly in SharePoint without the native application software. A source at Atalasoft who wishes to remain anonymous revealed that new customers who purchase Vizit Essential by July 15th will receive a 50% discount off the list price if they mention the code "$2.5 Million."  

"Its insanity here," said the source. "People are stealing office supplies, snorting coffee grounds… I've never seen anything like it."

It is unknown if Atalasoft will continue such outlandish marketing efforts in the future.

About Atalasoft

For nearly ten years, Atalasoft has built software that improves how people work with documents over the web through image viewing, annotating, and processing technology. Our products include DotImage, the leading imaging toolkit for .NET developers, and Vizit, SharePoint Document Viewing and Imaging. For two years in a row, Atalasoft was listed as one of Inc. Magazine's 100 fastest-growing software companies in the US and is a member of many industry organizations including AIIM and ARMA; we are on the TWAIN working group.

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