ATERAS® Announces Release of eav® Suite 3.0

Oct 18, 2013, 10:00 ET from ATERAS

DALLAS, Oct. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ATERAS, a leading provider of legacy application modernization solutions, announces the release of eav Suite 3.0. The eav Suite of products, which includes eav, eavRPM®, and ATP®, is designed to preserve business critical applications while reducing costs and increasing productivity. eav Suite 3.0 includes additional documentation functionality, faster compile speeds and runtime processing, and improved debug capabilities.

ATP, an ADABAS/Natural re-host solution, provides an end-to-end strategic pathway for lower license costs, higher productivity and full preservation of your legacy assets and business rules. ATP 3.0 includes new functionality such as the FDT Overlay capability to accommodate user defined database column names in the new relational database, an enhanced integrated developer environment that allows administrators to view in flight edits to production code, and an improved remote execution trace feature that provides more details to track down issues within the code. The underlying engine within ATP 3.0 has been improved to provide faster compile speeds and faster runtime processing, making re-hosted Natural applications run more efficiently than ever before.

eav, a mainframe documentation tool with full risk and impact analysis features, is released with improved code browse capabilities, enhanced active directory integration and upgraded delta functionality. eav 3.0 allows all of the code within an application to be searched using verbs, keywords, exclusion criteria, and comments. This powerful browser makes finding the right object a breeze. Current and multiple previous versions of the code can now be compared in the version delta tab, enabling retrieval of older source code with a few clicks. Enhanced integration with active directory allows for easier user management and identification. With eav 3.0, application management and documentation compliance of mainframe applications is effortless.

eavRPM, a program modernization tool for creating a new application using existing business rules, now allows files to be bulk copied to the deployed website from any network location. This feature accommodates scenarios where underlying support files for a web application must be available for each new deployment of the .Net or Java application. eavRPM 3.0 also provides new style control for objects appearing on the screen. Current developers and business analysts can perform the modernization project while retaining proven business rules and functionality.

eav Suite 3.0 provides companies with a set of tools for managing existing mainframe applications, modernizing to new platforms, or re-hosting Natural on Windows. New features and functionality make the ATERAS offering an attractive solution for obtaining concise information in a production environment.

ATERAS has supported global enterprises for over 30 years, offering state-of-the-art services that exploit automation for transforming legacy applications and databases into modern technologies using patent-pending automated conversion, modernization, and Re-Hosting technologies (DB-Shuttle®, eav® suite including ATP®).  ATERAS' Application Portfolio Management (APM) solutions and Application Code Understanding tools provide code analysis, enterprise field expansion, data archiving and COBOL/Natural automated documentation tools.  Information at:

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