atEvent Event Intelligence Platform Gives Marketers Unprecedented Data, Contextual Interactions And Actionable Intelligence During Entire Lifecycle Of Events

atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform debuts with addition of self-serve admin tools, and first-of-its-kind event and account level intelligence

May 05, 2015, 12:00 ET from atEvent

SAN RAMON, Calif., May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading provider of event intelligence solutions, atEvent, debuted its atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. The atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform is highlighted by the addition of new features which have been designed to help sales and marketing professionals gain critical data and insights about attendees and account level intelligence at events that they were previously unable to access.

The new account level intelligence features on the atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform help these professionals capture contextual interactions and provide actionable intelligence. The platform empowers marketers with its new intuitive self-service admin tools, and facilitates quick follow-up to turn prospects into customers immediately after an event.  

The atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform fills a longstanding void in the event industry. It provides an end-to-end intuitive digital experience that is fully integrated with the most widely used CRM and marketing automation solutions. The platform provides a one-to-one marketing tool that helps sales and marketing professionals capture unprecedented data on their prospects at events, and measure event ROI.

Since its launch in 2013, atEvent has become the most trusted and fully-integrated event intelligence platform. Currently used by many Fortune 100 companies, as well as businesses of all sizes across all industries, atEvent's event intelligence platform is consistently helping customers generate qualified leads, measure and monetize their event activity, and gain rich prospect intelligence at events.

Among the several new features that atEvent has launched as part of its atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform are:

  • Industry Pioneering Event Intelligence: With first-of-its-kind event intelligence features, sales and marketing professionals using the atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform now have actionable information that enables timely, customized follow-up interactions on qualified leads from events. Key event intelligence features on the platform include user and account level prospect intelligence, prospect interaction analytics across events that maps to specific targeted accounts, cost per acquisition metrics and configurable views of prospect data. Sales and marketing teams using the atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform can analyze prospect interactions, monitor trending topics and follow-up actions, measure event staff effectiveness and ROI for their events, all within the click of a smartphone or Tablet. 
  • Self-Serve Admin Tools: The atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform is equipped with a range of self-serve admin tools, making it fully intuitive and easy-to-use. From one click check-in features to real-time CRM and marketing automation integration, everything a sales or marketing professional needs to capture critical contextual interactions and actionable intelligence at events is always just one click away.     
  • Multilingual Functionality: The atEvent 2.0 event intelligence platform boasts unique multilingual translation capabilities. This enables marketers to interact with a global audience and standardize their lead capture and management processes at events by using a universal solution across all geographies and languages.

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ABOUT atEvent:

atEvent is a leading provider of event intelligence solutions that help companies generate qualified leads and engage prospects at events. atEvent apps are fully integrated with most widely used marketing automation and CRM systems to provide a user- and account-level view of prospect activity driving automated, rapid follow-up and customized prospect nurturing. The atEvent Event Intelligence platform includes industry-leading analytics, a self-serve admin portal, and the Card Scanner, Check-In, and Fishbowl apps.

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