Atlanta Tech Entrepreneur Addresses Market Void, Launches App: LuXuper

Jan 26, 2016, 10:19 ET from LuXuper

ATLANTA, Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Founder and CEO Gabe Fung-A-Wing and his team of car loving bootstrappers have launched LuXuper, a social media application exclusively devoted to the world's 100,000,000 car enthusiasts, for iOS and Android.

Unhappy with the disconnected car enthusiast communities spread across existing social platforms, Fung-A-Wing and co. set out to create a home for themselves in the mobile social space. "There are a lot of groups out there on Facebook, hashtags on Instagram and the like, but they're all unattached and disorganized. We felt the community deserved a launch pad, so we built one," Fung-A-Wing explained. "Just like Houzz, Pinterest, and Strava became accessible, topic-centric-communities for people with similar interests, we want to do the same for car lovers. The niche groups on other platforms will always exist, but we wanted to create a real, dedicated home for everyone from experts to beginners to feel welcome."

LuXuper is built to be the intersection of car content and car community for its users. The app's three sections: Feed, Cars, and Profile. Mostly self-explanatory, "Feed" is the interactive social space for sharing personal and professional photos, commenting, and connecting; "Cars" an index of over 50,000 (and growing daily) press photos from over 90 different luxury and performance automobile manufacturers with condensed car specifications for easy reference in conversations online and in person. "Profile" is home base. Here they can view their own photos, and build their DreamWall (a collage of favorited pics, aspirational acquisitions, etc.)

The process has already had heavy community involvement, with a 100,000+ followers watching the progress from idea to, as of last week, launch on iOS and Android platforms.

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