Atma Links Launches In-Text Advertising Platform for Publishers With 'Editorial Integrity'

Oct 27, 2010, 11:14 ET from Atma Links

NEW YORK, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Atma Links has launched an affiliate marketing technology that monetizes online content through in-text affiliate linking. The company, which has been in private Beta since March, went live today.

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In addition to converting regular hyperlinks into affiliate links, Atma builds brand new affiliate links from unambiguous product references in plain text.

With this release, Atma Links will differentiate itself within a competitive marketplace on the basis of its advanced matching technology and its focus on custom solutions for individual forums, blogs, and web applications.

"Atma Links is designed to help publishers capture a lucrative new in-text revenue source without having to compromise readability or editorial integrity.  Optimizing the relevancy, volume, and appearance of links is a science that eludes traditional in-text advertising.  We think that our customizable solution is the most user friendly version on the market.  Visitors recognize and appreciate that intention immediately." - Chris Dickson, founder

Atma analyzes webpages in-real time for chunks of text that match a database of millions of online products.  Matches are validated through a series of rules and are automatically converted into paid affiliate links to a pool of thousands of merchants.

This text-to-link technology is nominally equivalent to Skimwords, the recent product release from Skimlinks.  However, Atma's matching system grades out better on a link per page basis, while maintaining strong contextual relevance among its newly minted links.

A Commitment to Transparency

Atma has made a commitment to transparency by opening up the hood of its matcher technology.  Within its live product demo, Atma allows publishers to request a preview of what the solution would look like on their sites, including a view of their expected links per page.

This demo also displays all of the unique features that make Atma the most customizable in-text solution on the market.  Within the demo, publishers are able to tailor key link settings to best suit their audiences.

This text-to-link technology is Atma Link's flagship and sole paid service.  While competitors continue to charge roughly 25% per commission to affiliate old hyperlinks, Atma provides an identical rewriting service of these regular links for free.

Based in New York City, Atma Links was founded in November 2009 by software engineers, Chris Dickson and Erik Nygren, as a user friendly alternative to traditional in-text advertising.  Atma works with product oriented sites to generate incremental revenue via informative and unobtrusive links.  Although they pay like advertisements, links by Atma are better described as reading tools.

Previously in private Beta, Atma Links is now powering over 30 million impressions each month among product oriented blogs and forums.

Video of product description and demo can be found here:

Press Contact: Benjamin Plesser


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