Atma Links Releases Industry's First Meta-Search Engine For Affiliate Marketers

Dec 03, 2010, 15:27 ET from Atma Links

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Atma Links has released an affiliate marketing meta-search engine that streamlines the time intensive process of manually affiliating links.

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Active affiliate marketers spend as much as two hours each day managing their affiliate programs.  A significant portion of this time is spent inefficiently navigating more than a dozen affiliate networks to determine which networks carry specific products.  

The Atma Links meta-search engine accelerates this process by aggregating products across all of the major affiliate networks to deliver a simple one-stop-shop for affiliate marketers.  With a single search, publishers can discover new products and, with one click, receive new affiliate links to those items.  

"Clearly, there are a number of product search engines on the market.  However, we wanted to build the first open search engine designed specifically for affiliate marketers.  We expect that this Alpha version will significantly expedite the process of manually affiliating links.  Going forward, we are planning to add more features to the discovery piece of our search engine, equipping affiliates with deeper product metrics and insights."

-Chris Dickson, Founder & CEO

The Atma Links search engine ( is a free web application.  There is no installation or download required and there are no hidden fees.  Affiliates can select to persistently store their affiliate IDs with Atma Links for future use; however, this is not required.  

The Alpha release has been made public to all affiliate marketers.  Product coverage, at the time of this release, includes over 8 million products across many verticals, though it is strongest within consumer electronics.  

A Suite of Products for Affiliate Marketers

In addition to its free search engine, Atma Links offers publishers other powerful tools to automate and optimize affiliate marketing.  

The Atma Links "Text-to-Link" technology automatically builds brand new affiliate links from contextual references to products from anywhere on the web.  Atma analyzes webpages in-real time for chunks of plain text that match a database of millions of online products.  With this technology, Atma Links is able to create new affiliate links within user-generated content that would be otherwise impossible to affiliate.

The Atma Links "Auto Affiliation" technology automatically discovers and affiliates old links on a website that are eligible for affiliation.  Collectively, these solutions help affiliates earn significantly more revenue while eliminating hours of manual management.

The Atma Links Team

Based in New York City, Atma Links was founded in November 2009 by software engineers, Chris Dickson and Erik Nygren, as a user friendly alternative to traditional in-text advertising.  Atma works with product oriented sites to generate incremental revenue via informative and unobtrusive affiliate links.  Although they pay like advertisements, links by Atma are better described as tools for users.

Atma Links is now powering over 30 million impressions each month among product oriented blogs and forums. 

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