Attain Consulting Group Releases Report on Customer Deductions

2015 Benchmark Survey provides companies across industries the opportunity to increase profitability in the New Year.

Jan 06, 2016, 08:07 ET from Attain Consulting Group

RIDGEWOOD, N.J., Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Attain Consulting Group releases the Customer Deductions: 2015 Benchmark Survey Report. Recognized by the Credit Research Foundation, the report aggregates data across industries providing suppliers with an overview and specific sector snapshots of key deduction benchmarks. Suppliers can use the report to examine their processes and:

  • Identify opportunities to increase profitability by reducing and controlling deductions.
  • Benchmark their performance against companies within their industry.
  • Implement best practices for improved efficiency.

A free copy can be downloaded at Deduction Survey.

Suppliers often consider customer deductions a cost of doing business.  According to Jessica Butler, Founder of Attain Consulting Group, "While this may be true for the majority of deductions, a certain percentage result from failing to follow customer compliance requirements, and should be considered the cost of doing business poorly." Failing to follow specific requirements, such as carton label placement or delivery timeframes often result in the customer taking a deduction (chargeback), or short paying an invoice. Deductions add up quickly and directly affect a company's overall profitability. The information contained in this report can help companies identify issues and develop an improvement roadmap. 

Originally issued in 1998 and updated every three years, the Customer Deduction Survey is a trusted source.  In 2015 Attain Consulting Group took over the creation of the survey from the Credit Research Foundation and is pleased to release the benchmark report free of charge.

The Credit Research Foundation President William F. Balduino, calls the report, "thorough and well-conceived," saying it provides suppliers with "significant and actionable data points for use in their management processes."

The report is packed with statistics on deduction metrics, internal processes and best practices.  Butler explains, "Virtually every supplier has deduction issues. This document provides them with the latest information to help them measure and evaluate their deduction management performance and gain insights for improvement."

Download Free Report.

About Attain Consulting Group

Attain Consulting Group is a deduction and chargeback management advisory firm dedicated to helping companies improve profitability by reducing and controlling chargebacks and deductions. Founded by Jessica Butler, Attain prides itself in providing its clients with practical, experience-based solutions to address their deduction management and compliance challenges to help companies "Take Control of Deductions."


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